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Welcome to our Hamilton Neighbourhood Spotlight Series! This new series will be a deeper dive into specific neighbourhoods and what makes them stand out from the rest. This week we are highlighting one Hamilton neighbourhood that is particularly popular with young families. 

Kirkendall has long been a popular choice for families attracted to its unique ability to offer both a big-city lifestyle and small-town charm. This neighbourhood is bordered by the Niagara Escarpment  to the south (aka the Mountain), the mansions of the historic Durand South neighbourhood to the east, and Main Street West to the north. The area immediately west of Kirkendall is slightly less picturesque but it offers two highly desirable features: the on-ramp to the 403 (accessible via Aberdeen Ave) and local favourite, Soccer World. Just look for the big dome on Frid Street and you’ll find terrific kids’ programming, popular summer camps, and adult rec leagues where you can attempt to relive your past glory days using your current knees (godspeed!).

Kirkendall checks all the boxes for families looking for a detached home within walking distance of both great food and desirable schools. Locke Street South is one of the most popular destinations in the city with great restaurants, seasonal farmers market, regular summer events, and excellent shopping at lots of locally owned stores. The neighbourhood is also particularly well suited for people who want to live in a city while also spending time in nature. There are entrances to the Bruce Trail and the Chedoke Radial Trail at the south end of the neighbourhood alongside the Chedoke Golf Club. This municipal facility serves local parents in two key ways. During the summer months, they can enjoy either one of the two 18-hole golf courses. In the winter, they can toss their kids onto a GT Racer and launch them straight down the tobogganing hills.  

Here are a couple examples of the style of homes in this neighbourhood. Our recent listing at 266 Bold Street (just steps away from the best of Locke Street) is a great example of what you can expect to find north of Aberdeen Ave (if the sellers have excellent taste and work alongside a terrific local designer). 17 Spruceside Ave is a gorgeous slice of real estate that really encapsulates the vibe of Kirkendall South (the pocket between Aberdeen Ave and the escarpment). 

All of these features add up to a highly desirable neighbourhood with price points that reflect its popularity. The average sale price for a residential property in Kirkendall in March 2023 was $909,029. This is 14.6% higher than the average sale price for Hamilton during this period – $793,241. (Statistics provided by the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington). 

Where should you look if you love Kirkendall but it is not in your budget? Here are two great alternatives:

  • If you love the historic homes and the easy access to lots of green space then you should consider St. Clair/Blakeley. This neighbourhood is located in the lower city about 10 minutes east of Kirkendall. It’s tree-lined streets are nestled against the base of the escarpment. The dominant housing styles are quite similar to what is found in Kirkendall but the lots tend to be larger. The biggest perk to living in St. Clair/Blakely is the easy access to Gage Park – this 30-hectare park is home to playgrounds, a splash pad, a wading pool, a pump track,  the Gage Park Greenhouse, and lots of room to run. It is the unofficial hub of this tight-knit community and hosts popular summer events such as Ribfest and the Festival of Friends. Your money will go farther in this area with larger homes on larger lots selling for less than comparable properties in Kirkendall. As of early May 2023, the average sale price (year to date) for a freehold property in St.Clair/Blakeley is $710,502 which is 21% lower than average sale price in Kirkendall. (Statistics provided by the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington)
  • If you love Kirkendall because you want to be able to walk to great food and interesting shops then you should consider Crown Point.  This area is best known for its proximity to Ottawa Street North. This vibrant commercial strip is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts.  The area has long been known as a destination for creative types and lovers of antique furniture but it has emerged as a favourite spot for foodies with restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops popping up on both Ottawa and Cannon Street. The homes are more modest and the streets are less picturesque but the price point makes up for it. The average sale price for a freehold home in Crown Point in March 2023 was $513,885 – that’s a whopping 43% lower than the average sale price in Kirkendall! (Statistics provided by the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington)

Check out our Hamilton Neighbourhood Guides for more information on Kirkendall and other great Hamilton neighbourhoods that you need to know. What area would you like to see us feature next? Drop a line to Kellye, our resident Hamiltonian, and let her know!





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