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Your Typical Neighbour

Describing a typical resident of Hamilton's Crown Point neighbourhood is a challenge, as this area is a melting pot of cultures and generations. The community is home to a mix of young professionals, families, and seniors, all of whom take pride in their vibrant and diverse neighbourhood. Your neighbour in Crown Point may be a young couple with a growing family, or a retired individual who has lived in the neighbourhood for decades. Crown Point is known for the revitalization of Ottawa Street North and the influx of terrific local businesses, which offer everything from artisanal coffee to delicious international cuisine. Regardless of their background or age, the residents of Crown Point share a love for their community and a passion for all that it has to offer.

What We

Let me tell you, the Crown Point neighbourhood has got it going on! You know what's better than just a sense of community? An driven and entrepreneurial community, that's what! The people here are amazing, and they've done wonders for this area. You can tell they've put in the work to revitalize the storefronts and attract new businesses. From brunch at the Cannon to ice cream at the Parlour to hip cocktails and golf simulators at the Argyle…there is something for everyone in this tight knit neighbourhood.

What We Don't

Let's talk about what we don't love about the Crown Point. Look, we're not here to sugarcoat things - there are some areas that could use a little TLC. Some parts of the neighbourhood still have that old-school grittiness that hasn't quite transformed into trendy spaces yet. But hey, that just means there's potential for some seriously cool renovation projects in the future. Another thing to keep in mind is that transit isn't as convenient as some of the more central neighbourhoods.

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