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Your typical neighbour in the Lansdale and Beasley areas may be a healthcare professional working at the hospital or a young couple looking for an affordable urban lifestyle. Despite the neighbourhood's gritty reputation, residents of Beasley share a strong sense of community and take pride in the unique character of their neighbourhood.

What We

Beasley and Lansdale offer a one-of-a-kind living experience, with a prime location just minutes away from the city's downtown core. The area is home to the Hamilton General Hospital, a leading healthcare facility in the region. In addition to its proximity to the hospital, Beasley also offers a range of amenities for residents, including a variety of shops and restaurants along nearby King Street. Just a short walk away is Barton Village, which offers a variety of fantastic local dining options, including Barton Salumeria, Emerald Coffee Co and Duarte’s Supermarket (some of the best sandwiches in town!). Despite its low-key vibe, Beasley and Lansdale residents are proud of their tight-knit community and the neighbourhood's distinctive personality. While the area may have some rough edges, it also boasts charming residential streets and a diverse mix of residents,

What We Don't

As you drive around Lansdale and Beasley, you may notice some areas that still have that old-school grit and grime. But don't let that discourage you - it's all part of the neighbourhood's unique personality. And if your parents raise an eyebrow or two, just tell them it's all part of the eclectic charm that drew you here in the first place. Plus, those gritty pockets are quickly being transformed by up-and-coming businesses and new developments, making this area an exciting place to be.

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