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Your Typical Neighbour

There really is no “typical” Gibson and Stipley resident. The area has plenty of both long-time residents and newcomers, with all age ranges represented (including a lot of kids!). Newcomers tend to be attracted by the century homes and tree-lined streets as well as the price points—typically a bit lower than those of similar properties located to the south in the St. Clair neighbourhood. It’s more accurate to define Gibson and Stipley residents as either TiCats fans, or soon to be TiCats fans. Argos fans enter at your own risk*.

*We’re kidding...kind of...better leave the Argos banner in Toronto where it belongs   

What We

There is some serious charm in this neighbourhood. Every block is different and they all have their own “hidden gem” quality (check out the boulevard on Barnesdale Ave or look for the original Craftsman style homes on Melrose and Dunsmure to see what I mean). Bright yellow Stipley pride flags compete with TiCats banners for prime porchfront real estate

Stipley is  home to the new Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre with its terrific pool and skating rink, as well as Tim Horton’s Field. The energy on game day is incredible!

It’s easy to get downtown via transit with several bus routes servicing the area (including express options), or by using the Cannon Street bike lanes.  

Gage Park or the Ottawa Street North District (or both!) are within walking or biking distance.

What We Don't

There are stretches of King Street East that are a bit grim, with a high number of vacant properties, as this area was hit hard by real estate speculation and expropriation related to the LRT project. On the other hand, it is one of the areas that will most benefit if the project is resurrected. There are strong signs of a commercial revitalization in the area including new shops and eateries along King, Main and Cannon. 

Property Statistics in Gibson and Stipley

Source: TREB Statistics

The housing in the area is a mix of single family homes, multi-unit homes and low rise condominiums and apartment buildings. There is a higher concentration of more grand, turn of the century homes in the area between Main and King (on both sides of Sherman). Homes north of King tend to be of a more modest scale (particularly around the stadium), but there are always outliers to the dominant style. 







Visible Minority:

Average Family Income:


Lower Education:

Higher Education:

Home Ownership

Owned Homes:

Tenanted Homes:

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