The BREL “Expect More” Guarantees

We believe you deserve our best. We created these guarantees to ensure you can hold us accountable if we ever leave you feeling like you didn’t get the service we promised.

The “You Want Us, You Got Us” Guarantee

We promise to always be responsive.

When you’re working with us, you can count on us to be reachable. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, text message, website chat or Facebook. Usually, we respond by the same channel, right away. And if we don’t return your message or call within 12 hours? We’ll donate $20 to a charity of your choice.

The “You’ll Know What We Know” Guarantee

We promise to keep you updated.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening. When you’re selling your home with the BREL team, we’re committed to providing a weekly huddle call or meeting and a formal update on showings, feedback, marketing activity and competition. And if we don’t deliver? We’ll deduct $500 from your commission.

The "Happy Buyer & Seller” Guarantee

We won’t hold you hostage to a piece of paper.

If there’s ever a problem while you’re working with us, we’ll do everything we can to fix it. If we can’t, then we’ll release you from your contract. We don’t think you should be contractually bound to work with someone if you feel they’ve broken their promises. If you aren’t happy, then neither are we. It’s that simple.

The "No Bad Marketing" Guarantee

We promise to treat you like a person, not a lead.

We’ll respect your inbox and won’t send you endless spammy emails and recipes for pumpkin pie. We won’t cold call or stalk you. We don’t stay in touch to get in touch with your contacts. Promise.

We promise no fridge magnets.

We know that you think most real estate agents are bad at marketing and sadly, we think so too. We promise to always work with professional designers and not think we can do it ourselves. We promise to not use the Comic Sans font. Also, we promise never to give you a fridge magnet with a picture of ourselves on it. Because we think that’s just weird.

The "You Deserve More" Guarantee

We promise no B.S.

We don’t like B.S.-ers and tricksters either. Relationships are built on trust. And we take that trust very seriously. We promise to be upfront and honest with you, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

We promise to be available when it’s convenient for you.

We don’t delude ourselves into thinking that real estate happens from 9-5 on weekdays. Your schedule is our schedule; your availability is our availability. It’s not great for work-life balance, but we think it’s what you deserve from an agent.