Today’s blog is courtesy of one of our favourite mortgage brokers, Mortgage Jake – May 19, 2017 Unfortunately, during these past few weeks, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in a very undesirable position: they bought a house at the peak of the market, and now that the market has shifted, they’re having a hard time […]

Last week, we moved into our new staging warehouse on Evans Avenue. With 3,000 sqft of space and 20-foot ceilings, it’s got plenty of room for all our furniture, art and accessories. Here’s a peek inside before and during the move! If you’re looking to sell your Toronto home and love the idea of full […]

We’re excited to announce some wonderful new additions to the BREL team! Halina Bucchino: Halina has more than four years experience helping Buyers and Sellers in central Toronto; she brings a calm approach to helping Buyers find their dream homes and loves educating and advising Buyers through one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll ever make. […]

When a Seller chooses to sell their home with the BREL team, they get complimentary staging.  We have two full-time Stagers on staff and a Rolodex of handymen, gardeners, painters, electricians,  plumbers, movers and more, to help. We also have an ever-increasing warehouse full of staging furniture and accessories to enhance what you already own […]

Every year, I write a blog predicting what I think will happen in the new year. We have more question marks and uncertainty right now than ever before, but I’m going to predict more of the same with a few twists along the way: Interest rates continue to rise. The government continues to intervene. And […]

It’s officially that time when we reflect on 2016..and what a year it was! I’m so incredibly proud of our team. Here’s just a sampling of some BREL team highlights from 2016: We successfully re-homed more than 250 families this year…a 45% increase over 2015. We helped: 110 Buyers and Sellers 141 Renters and Landlords […]

You’ve probably noticed that the blog has been awfully quiet lately. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, between all of the government intervention and another crazy Toronto November market. In case you’ve fallen behind, here’s what you’ve missed: Mortgage Changes Our heads are spinning from all of the changes that have been announced in […]

Our friend and fellow REALTOR John Ross Parks is participating in the MOST CREATIVE fundraising event ever. He’s living on the rooftop of his brokerage and raising $25,0000 while live-streaming the whole thing. He went up to the roof with nothing and must fundraise in order to survive.You can donate money to send him food (ramen […]

This story needs to be told. It’s not pretty. I am (once again) ashamed to be part of an industry that conducts itself in this manner.  CBC’s Marketplace will be airing a story tonight (November 4th, 2016), where they will be sharing the results of their undercover investigation into real estate practices, specific to rigged […]

It’s October 17, 2016, and we are entering into brand territory in the Toronto real estate market: today, the recently announced changes to mortgage financing come into effect. Intended to cool down Canada’s red-hot real estate market, the changes will affect a number of Toronto Buyers and as a result, Toronto Sellers.  If you haven’t […]