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Earlier this month, we celebrated 10 years of real estate blogging. Yay us! 

Today, we’re sharing our 10 most popular blogs:

  1. Almost 250,000 people have read our What Does It Really Cost to Own a House in a Toronto blog. It’s been updated many times over the years and I still wish I had titled it ‘How Much Does it Really Cost to Own a House in Toronto’, but whatever. 
  2. 10 Things to Know About Buying a Pre-Construction Condo’ has been read more than 150,000 times and has started SO many conversations with Toronto Buyers. We still like resale real estate better. 
  1. How Much Money Does a Real Estate Agent Make’ is another of our most popular blogs, though I’m a much bigger fan of a blog I wrote recently, ‘Why Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid So Much Money?
  1. Our First Time Buyer Guide has been read over 100,000 times and I know it has helped ease a lot of first timers into home ownership. There’s so much to know about buying your first home, so I put together a collection of the most important blogs for first time buyers here. 
  1. The 30-Day Guide to Preparing Your House for Sale is another of our most popular blogs, read more than 86,000 times since I published it a few years ago. Helping Sellers is one of the things we do best at the BREL team, but it’s a team effort. Knowing what you need to do as a Seller is just as important as hiring the right REALTOR.
  1. Our Complete Real Estate Investor Guide has been read more than 83,000 times. Investing in Toronto real estate isn’t easy and I hope it’s helped a lot of people make the right decisions and build their real estate portfolio. 
  1. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that sometimes we write blogs for other real estate agents, to share best practices and help our colleagues. Our Bidding War Etiquette for Agents blog is one of our most popular, gaining a new audience in the last few years as we saw bidding wars expand beyond Toronto. It’s been read more than 75,000 times. 
  1. 19 Things Nobody Tells You About Selling Your Home also ranks amongst the top blogs, with almost 60,000 readers. We love sharing secrets and we’re glad you enjoying reading them too. 
  1. Our most popular rant is There Are No Shades of Grey in Real Estate. I wrote it in 2012 after a particularly painful month of real estate-ing and with more than 50,000 views and 100+ comments, I still get calls from frustrated homeowners who feel they’ve been wronged and don’t know they can complain to the Real Estate Council of Ontario.
  2. Our most popular-yet-boring blog is about, PAPERWORK: Real Estate Paperwork Explained for Ontario Buyers. It has helped almost 50,000 Buyers understand what they are signing when they buy a home. 
  1. Bonus: The first blog I ever wrote: Chicken Little and Real Estate Market Predictions. 2012 Melanie gave great advice – in fact, these words still ring true today. Only 600 people read this blog IN TEN YEARS, but it was how it all started. It’s still worth a read today. 

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