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Recently we conducted an exhaustive search for the right mortgage partners for BREL clients, including an RFP, survey and multiple interviews. While we met many qualified people, we settled on a few that truly stood out.

What were we looking for?

  • Responsiveness & personal attention
  • Integrity
  • A strong support team (appraisers, underwriters, client management assistants)
  • Digital-savvy-ness
  • Involvement beyond simply deals (media, guest blogs, education, events)
  • Proven problem-solvers (for those inevitable last-minute challenges)
  • Patience; someone who is easy to understand


So without further ado, meet the BREL team & Bspoke Realty’s Trusted Mortgage Partners:

Elan Weintraub, Mortgage Outlet

647-501-4663 | elan@mortgageoutlet.ca

Elan (“EE-lon”) just feels like a BREL: he calls it how he sees it, with no BS…and a little bit of fun. (Ask him for one of his famous analogies!) The co-owner of his own Mortgage Outlet brokerage, Elan spends much of his time educating others–whether it’s presenting to groups of realtors at the Toronto Real Estate Board itself, or speaking to the media about what’s happening in the market. As a client, you too can benefit from his super dialed-in finger-on-the-pulse knowledge, and his easy to understand explanations–great for first timers! Plus, Elan works “realtor hours”…which is code for whenever you need him, you’ve got him. (His experience includes a stint AS a realtor). Ethical, responsive, and a problem-solver; if there is a solution he will find it.

Elan as a rule always keeps his calendar open for anyone who wants to have a 15-minute chat about anything mortgage-related–all you need to do is book a time using his Calendly link. Easy peasy.

Olena Vus, Outline Financial

416-799-1152 | olena@outline.ca

Olena has been a breath of fresh air for our team; somehow she manages to be both easygoing and friendly AND super informative. The powerhouse team behind her at Outline Financial is second to none in Toronto when it comes to crunching data and trends, and their regular reports, charts and live sessions are a big reason we are so on top of the financial side of Toronto’s real estate market. 

Outline is trusted by many of the movers and shakers in the Toronto realtor world, so you know they are solid, and Olena is the perfect point of contact: unintimidating, responsive and easy to understand. The best of both worlds.

Michael Neal, North Power Mortgages

647-347-4100 | michael@northpowermortgages.ca

As managing partner of a boutique brokerage, Michael’s business is a lot like ours–so he ‘gets’ the high standards we hold ourselves to, as well as the personal attention our clients expect and deserve. Quick and responsive, Michael will always take your call–even if it’s Sunday night at 11. Rock solid and trustworthy, he’s great at breaking down a sometimes confusing topic–and he makes talking about money OK! He also has a strong relationship with appraisal partners, as well as an exclusive agreement with Simplii Financial.

On a personal level, Michael is a genuine BBQ nerd and foodie. BREL agent Kristin Shensel summed up her professional affection for him by declaring she “would marry him” for all the times he’s saved the day! So there’s that.

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