— We take our content seriously. This article was written by a real person at BREL.

Every time you leave your home, you risk catching or spreading COVID-19. One of the most important ways we can help right now is by staying home – so that’s what we’ve decided to do. 

Until further notice, the BREL team will no longer be meeting clients in person. 

For our buyers and sellers who have yet to close on their new homes, rest assured: we’ll be with you through to the finish line. We’re working virtually with appraisers, lenders and lawyers to help you close and proactively managing what we can. 

For our clients with active real estate buying or selling needs: we’ll be relying on virtual consultations, video showings and “sight unseen” conditions in electronic offers. We’ll continue to leverage technology, innovative thinking and relationships to do our very best.

For our past landlords and tenants: we know these are difficult days, and we’ll continue to support you in any way we can. We’ve put a pause on accepting new landlord and tenant clients. 

These aren’t easy decisions to make, but we know that when we do the right thing for the long term, we win. We hope you’ll join us in protecting our family, friends and neighbours as we all get through this together.

We may not be able to meet you in person right now, but we’re here for you. 

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