The Lowdown on Liberty Village

Your Typical Neighbour

Keen investors snapped up a lot of early real estate offerings in Liberty Village, so there is a broad mix of owners and renters. While there are exceptions in the form of the odd downsizer/empty nester or a wealthy dot com success story, the majority of the neighbourhood is comprised of late 20 to early 40 somethings who have either a significant other or roommate to help them afford the convenience of living in one of Toronto’s still sizzling neighbourhoods. They work and play hard in the core.

What We

Liberty Village is home to some of the city’s most attractive and original hard lofts. The true post-and-beam and exposed-duct spaces found in the Toy Factory Lofts conversion or some of the more obscure original buildings (many now offices) are some of the city’s most unique spaces.

What We Don't

Lack of green space for the area’s rapidly growing number of pet owners is quickly becoming a frequent topic of discussion. Add to that the long waits to get out of the neighbourhood at both morning and afternoon rush hours and we’re quickly finding that the Liberty Village natives are getting restless.

Property Statistics in Liberty Village

Source: TREB Statistics

Condos. Condos. Condos. That’s the real estate scoop. Yes, there is a smattering of townhouses to be found in this busy, popular spot alongside some rare purpose-built live/workspaces. But did we mention condos?

Liberty Village is host to some really beautiful, low maintenance, lifestyle-friendly living. All those abandoned factories have provided the canvas for some of the chicest commercial and residential buildings in the city. Lofts - both hard and soft - as well as more typical condos have been built at a rapid pace over the last few years, and have largely been occupied by a mix of buyers and renters who generally prefer to walk/cycle/transit over driving, dogs to children, and convenience over space. While it has been the “IT” neighbourhood for a while, some of the gleam is starting to wear off for those who were early adopters of the ‘village’ and are now beginning to find it a bit congested for their taste.

Conveniences abound in this relatively small pocket of popularity. Walking the entire neighbourhood east to west would take the easily distracted an hour on the outside, 20 minutes for the more determined. Along the way, you’ll find more or less everything you need for your day to day: 24-hour groceries, banking, restaurants, beer, liquor, fast food, and enough beautiful people around whom you’ll likely prefer DON’T see you running into or out of the Dollarama.

Area: 8km

Population: 43,365


Kids: 6%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 7%

Visible Minority: 36.8%

Average Family Income: $110,684


Lower Education: 16.1%

Higher Education: 28.8%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 51%

Tenanted Homes: 49%

Although there are no schools within Liberty Village proper, most of Liberty Village falls within the TDSB boundaries of excellent Givins/Shaw Jr Public. Generally speaking, though, your average LV resident isn’t concerned since dogs don’t go to school.


Queen Victoria Public School
Niagara Street Junior Public School
Charles G Fraser Junior Public School
Alpha Alternative Public School
Ogden Junior Public School
Ossington/Old Orchard Junior Public School
The Grove Community School
Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School

Transit options abound for the locals here, as the neighbourhood is surrounded by buses and long as you don’t mind a gentle push: there is long-standing overcrowding on the routes that service Liberty Village. There’s no shortage of ingenuity in this neighbourhood though - the locals created Line Six, a crowd-funded private bus service running between LV and Union station. Like we said, you’ve got options!

About Liberty Village

Welcome to Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood.

The allure of Liberty Village is undeniable. In ‘the six’ we are collectively bound to the congested commute, burning the ‘midnight oil’, and fighting what can feel like an uphill battle, in order to live a lifestyle that we love. The big city, after all, is just that. But in Liberty Village, many residents have found convenience.

A smaller condo in Liberty Village, while small in scale, offers big city living without ‘big city headaches’. Buyers in Liberty Village not only have access to building amenities – like workout and party rooms, cool urban views, and tight-knit community. But are also ‘gifted’ with living (often) a short walk to work. There’s no need for a car when you live 10 minutes to the office. Residents find themselves living in a pocket of the city that has quite literally been built, by local businesses, to cater to their each – and every – need.

Although Liberty Village is generally made up of concrete and brick views that we wouldn’t typically jump to call ‘beautiful’, somehow it works. Converted office and ‘mixed-use’ buildings are made up of classic brick, and stone, and built with statuesque presence. In fact, many of the buildings in Liberty Village have ‘historical status’ (67 Mowat Avenue, for instance) ensuring a minimalist beauty that is preserved for years to come. This overall appreciation for mixing old-with-new gives the area a unique sense of identity and style.

Popular spots in Liberty Village include (but are in no way limited to): William’s Landing, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, LOCAL Public Eatery, Merci Mon Ami, and School. And, although not saturated with green space locals, and visitors, are within walking distance to BMO field – where you can watch live sports and take in the scenery (or a beer, or 2, or 3…).

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