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There’s a higher than average concentration of creative types living in Kensington Market, as well as a whole lot of students in small bohemian apartments!

What We

Foodies Unite! The shops here are perfect for last-minute fresh food shopping (you’ll never need a freezer), and the restaurant and street food scene is truly amazing. There is a constant buzz of energy every time you leave your door in Kensington Market; for those that see this as a positive, there’s nowhere better.

What We Don't

Living in this proximity to a market makes the evening before garbage day an absolute assault on the olfactory senses. If you crave peace and quiet, look elsewhere. Oh, and we hope you like tourists!

Property Statistics in Kensington-Chinatown

All Properties - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

102.1 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Detached Houses - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market


% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Condos - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

102.9 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Source: TREB Statistics

Tiny Victorian homes are the staple of the area, many of which can be hard to locate tucked behind the storefronts that have been built out in front of them. A number of these tiny houses have re-arranged themselves to orient the daily entrances at the rear, where laneway access offers a quieter, peaceful escape from the constant market traffic that buzzes morning till night.

There has been limited development in the area in the last few years, and the few condo developments that have popped up right outside the Bathurst, Dundas, Spadina and College Street borders have opened up some buying opportunity here. Kensington Market Lofts is one of the few great options in the heart of it all: in the late 90’s George Brown College sold some buildings, and these were converted to funky lofts in 1999. Turnover is rare, and despite the relatively small size of many of the area’s homes, the uptick in the demand has had just as strong an impact if not more on home prices in Kensington as it has anywhere else.

Kensington Market is also a somewhat popular area with real estate investors. The demand for student-appropriate housing here is strong given the location is so close to both OCAD and the University of Toronto; many older homes have been converted to multi-residential use, both formally and informally.


2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
AVERAGE PRICE $942,311 $1,296,688 $1,165,615 $1,215,144 $1,532,250
PRICE: Low-High $501,000-$1,431,000 $720,000-$2,400,000 $760,000-$1,820,000 $788,018-$1,800,000 $800,000-$2,200,000
# OF SALES 18 16 13 14 20


2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
AVERAGE PRICE $649,136 $600,176 $660,173 $669,189 $782,966
PRICE: Low-High $345,000-$1,431,000 $401,088-$810,000 $350,000-$1,625,000 $485,000-$1,665,000 $370,000-$2,005,000
# OF SALES 11 9 15 17 33

Area: 2km

Population: 18,500


Kids: 8%

Youth: 20%

Seniors: 14%

Visible Minority: 65.8%

Average Family Income: 65,662


Lower Education: 24.5%

Higher Education: 19.1

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 30%

Tenanted Homes: 70%

There are a number of school options nearby Kensington Market that can satisfy desires for Public, Separate, Private and Montessori. The local Montessori spot has been a staple of the neighbourhood for 40+ years and occupies a beautiful home right across from High Park.


Kensington Community School
Ryerson Community School
Orde Street Junior Public School

You’re not exactly close to a Grocery Store (caps intentional; they’re considered vulgar here anyway) but the freshest of fresh is right outside your door. Considered the third most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto, and with a transit score of 100. Driving a car through Kensington Market is not recommended.

About Kensington-Chinatown

Kensington Market is a cherished neighbourhood for Torontonians. Maybe, it’s because it represents so many of the things that our city stands for diversity, creativity, beauty, art, food, music, multiculturalism, and (really good) shopping. Luckily, if the odd smell of patchouli is not your scene, it is not long-lasting, and swiftly replaced by the aromas of freshly baked goods and flavours.

Lofts available on Baldwin and Nassau street, such as the Kensington Market Lofts, offer residents modern, ‘arty’, light-filled, living. (Unique layouts and the occasional penthouse patio view aren’t too shabby either). And, if the effortless chic of loft living doesn’t immediately attract you to the area then the convenience of living within one of Toronto’s stand-out marketplaces will.

Local Kensington businesses cater to a diverse crowd resulting in a wide array of colourful, unique, and often delicious, offerings. It is truly a place where anything goes. For ‘foodies’ this makes Kensington a little slice of ‘tasty heaven’. Being “hangry” as a resident in Kensington Market would be entirely your fault! There’s zero shortage of ‘good eats’ within walking distance: Rasta Pasta, The Burgernator, Seven Lives, Fika, and SO MANY MORE. Bars, vintage clothing stores, refurbished furniture and decor shops, jewellers, and cafes, follow-suit providing the best of each of their categories.

And last, but sure as heck not least, Kensington Market is situated in an unreal location (location, location, location!). Sandwiched between Dundas street and College, and Bathurst and Spadina, this exciting pocket of the city allows for easy commuting in all directions.

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