About Kensington Market Lofts - 160 baldwin avenue, toronto, ontario

The Kensington Lofts are situated in a neighbourhood that generates building popularity all on its own. Toronto’s capital of vintage everything, Kensington market is perhaps Toronto’s most Boho neighbourhood. Formerly home to George Brown College, the dual-address Kensington Lofts houses 145 hard and soft lofts ranging in size from 521 to 1700+ square feet with ceiling heights between 10 and 22 feet.

The buildings that combine to form the Kensington Lofts generally feature large windows, concrete ceilings and either hardwood, concrete, or bamboo floors. Open floor plans, storage or sleeping mezzanines and many suites with terraces or balconies help to drive the popularity here, and the fact that a couple of different buildings were converted together also provided unique floor plans as well. Amenities include a multipurpose room, a courtyard with resident barbecue, and a free book exchange!

The neighbourhood is Kensington Market Loft’s finest selling point. Creative and open-minded folks are drawn to Kensington Market Lofts – pictures of former listings reveal juggling pins and a pair of unicycles stored in a very funky suite – as clear a statement about how cool your neighbours might be as we can find. This is a hip neighbourhood, filled with inexpensive street-style food, vintage clothing shops and small groceries, cafes and more. You’ll never get bored, and few places in the city will inspire you to shop daily like Kensington will.


What We : There’s a reason one of our clients who bought here was a photographer – huge warehouse windows, wide-open floor plans and tall ceiling are the norm.


What We Don’t: The street outside Kensington Market Lofts is almost always busy, so if you don’t like crowds and street traffic, look elsewhere. The smell of the many businesses’ garbage – including Chinatown only a block away – can be pungent at times.


Looking to buy a loft at Kensington Market? If you don’t see any available for sale below, contact us to set up a custom loft search straight from the MLS. Never miss a loft for sale at Kensington Market again!


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The Facts

Address: 160 Baldwin Street/21 Nassau Street

Developer: C + A Developments

Year Built: December 2000

Number of Storeys: 6 & 4 storey loft conversion

Number of Lofts: 145

Size Range of Lofts: 521-1755




  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Average Price $610,125 $710,820 $617,000 $916,500 $1,074,000 $813,500 $882,500 $1,110,000
Price: Low-High $502,000-$739,000 $465,000-$910,000 $505,000-$725,000 $855,000-$978,000 $818,000-$1,330,000 $640,000-$1,050,000 $615,000-$1,150,000 $800,000-$1,420,000
Average Days on Market 11 41 9 20 13 13 5 4
Total Sales 4 5 3 2 2 6 2 2

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