The Lowdown on Trinity Bellwoods

Your Typical Neighbour

Could be the aforementioned skinny jean-wearing hipster who frequents Squirrel or Ella’s Uncle for flat whites prior to sitting in on a Sunday drum circle in the Park. Could be a holdout Portuguese family who’ve been living there for years and are now supporting two young adults who’ve opted for ‘careers’ in the arts!  There is a significant Asian population. More than likely these days, it's young(ish) families who have eschewed the suburbs for the downtown life. Only way to tell is to do a stakeout before you visit the open house!

What We

Accessible EVERYTHING. Culinary gems, green space, arts scene, retail, even your own microbrewery. All within what Walk Score calls Toronto’s 9th most walkable neighbourhood. Local artists frequent the “Dog Bowl” in the middle of the day with their pooches. What else is there to say?

What We Don't

(Albeit amazing) nightlife on Ossington got to the point that the city stopped doling out new liquor licenses. This street personifies hipster, but brings with it the noise and congestion similar to that found in the club district...albeit with a much more low-key vibe. Also, one of the elusive Trinity Bellwoods White Squirrels died recently. Disappointing news indeed.

The long-standing gap in average price in this neighbourhood between detached homes and semi’s speaks directly to the difference in size between the two types of homes. The less common, larger homes found on wider streets like Shaw, (some of which come complete with coach house) often sell for staggering sums. This is perhaps understandable when you look more closely at the size of the lots and the detail with which many have been renovated and restored; many have multiple apartments which add significant value.

That said, the smaller Victorian offerings that dominate the neighbourhood are considerably more attainable, if in high demand given the extreme convenience that the neighbourhood offers. The massive 37-acre green space is the predominant feature, alongside a feverishly busy restaurant and nightlife scene found on the neighbourhood’s westerly border.

Regardless of the size, the dominating Victorian architecture here is quintessentially Toronto, and provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for a stroll or cycle through the residential side streets.

More attainable infill townhomes and condo loft spaces are popping up in pockets of the neighbourhood, and these spaces (that still liquidate relatively quickly) are strengthening the hipster factor in the area. Trinity Bellwoods is also home to a couple of the very first hard loft conversions (e.g Candy Factory Lofts) that appeared in Toronto. They set the bar for what a conversion should look like, and have often been imitated - but rarely replicated - elsewhere in the city. Rare offerings in these buildings are short lived, and sell at a premium.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
AVERAGE PRICE $776,900 $869,067 $919,352 $1,143,577 $1,353,084
PRICE: Low-High $449,000-$1,450,000 $500,000-$1,680,000 $580,000-$1,925,201 $553,000-$2,483,000 $684,000-$3,050,000
# OF SALES 59 61 56 154 113


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
AVERAGE PRICE $517,418 $685,340 $695,713 $678,050 $849,856
PRICE: Low-High $229,900-$875,000 $365,900-$1,570,000 $359,900-$1,105,000 $294,791-$1,380,000 $440,000-$1,930,022
# OF SALES 17 23 8 34 37

Area: 2km

Population: 16,805


Kids: 10%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 14%

Visible Minority: 31%

Average Family Income: $76,307


Lower Education: 37.2%

Higher Education: 8%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 57%

Tenanted Homes: 43%

There are some great schools in the neighbourhood considering how concentrated it is, most of which have seen increases in their ratings in recent years.


Givins/Shaw Jr. Public School
Charles G. Fraser Public School
Niagara Street Junior Public School
Ossington Old Orchard Public School

Transit options all around leave you with multiple options whenever you need to get somewhere, although the streetcar options can be crowded in either direction. A quick jaunt down Bathurst or Strachan will have motorists easily accessing either the Gardiner or Lakeshore Blvd.

About Trinity Bellwoods

Living in Trinity Bellwoods, on any given weekend, you open your front door and walk outside to the sound of people playing in the local park.

Last weekend, grabbing your paper, you headed (happily) towards local patisserie ‘Nadege’. You stopped. Realizing you might prefer a warm, freshly-baked parisian-style pain-au-chocolat. Crossing the street, you’d arrived at the renowned, little-but-mighty bakery ‘Clafouti’. Opening the door, you were greeted by name and met with the familiar smell of buttery breads, sweet jams, and aromas of chocolate. You placed your order, sat down and ate while quietly reading the paper. The only worry was “Will the butter melt enough on this croissant?”, it was instantly answered with a gratifying ‘yes’. Feeling full and well-informed, you put down the news and decided it was high-time to do some shopping for tonight’s dinner at ‘Carmen’. You find exactly the right look and are feeling more optimistic than-ever. Sauntering home you were feeling a little tired. You decide to take a nap, after all, the day was young.

As a resident, at the heart of your neighbourhood is Trinity Bellwoods park. A sprawling 32-acre green space, complete with towering trees, tennis courts, and a baseball diamond, that plays hostess-of-the-mostest to ‘social butterflies’ around the city. It also played ‘home’ to the infamous ‘white squirrel’, a famous albino squirrel who became a mascot for the Trinity Bellwoods Neighbourhood. With it’s unicorn-like mystique the white squirrel’s natural passing, last spring, was such a blow that it made city newspapers and headlined blogs across Toronto. You’ve come to terms with it though, for White Squirrel Coffee Shop lives-on preserving the life of the since-gone neighbourhood ‘pet’ while serving you quality americanos, sandwiches, and tasty treats.

Like you, local residents take pride in homeownership. Classic victorian brick-stone row-houses with stained glass windows, immaculate gardens, grandiose heritage homes, modern condominiums, heritage building loft spaces (favourites being the Candy & Chocolate Factory Lofts), single dwelling apartment spaces – all are available but people tend to hold on to them for some time. After all, as you’re joyously aware, there is little reason to ever want to let go.

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