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Wise speculators have been snapping up fixer-uppers in Toronto's Lambton neighbourhood for some time. This has led to a solid demographic of growing families whose condos didn't accommodate them anymore, but who couldn't bear the upward pressure driving extreme price surges in downtown homes. Double income with kids is prevailing these days, alongside long time holdouts!

What We

We like to think we have a unique perspective on the quality of neighbours you're going to have here (full disclosure: Brendan and Mel used to live here), and the area is improving rapidly from a commercial standpoint. It's the kind of neighbourhood where residents close down the street for a giant potluck each year, and being Baby Point's little sister doesn't hurt property values either. Nearby Junction & Bloor West Village provide all the 'downtown' neighbourhood feeling you could want. There are opportunities for business still lurking here as well.

What We Don't

The choice of restaurants and retail within a short walk is pretty limited--you'll need a bike ride or taxi. But there is a Loblaws for basic food needs.

Property Statistics in Lambton

Source: TREB Statistics

While there are a number of apartment buildings and condos that have popped up along major thoroughfares, the majority of the neighbourhoods in Lambton are comprised of single family homes both semi and detached, and the style of home depends on which of the three major parts of the neighbourhood you're in. Generally the further east you go, brick and stone give way to vinyl siding, and the size of homes gradually shrinks.

Lambton is commonly thought to be divided into three pockets. Lambton Mills is the oldest section and focused around Old Dundas street. Some of the original small (but charming, and reasonably affordable) workman's cottages built in the early to mid-1800's can still be found here. These neighbourhoods that border the Junction are making a renaissance, and demand for older untouched homes that are being significantly renovated and re-sold as a slightly less expensive alternative to Baby Point or the downtown are having an impact on prices.

The Warren Park School area, more commonly referred to as the 'Valley' also lays claim to some of those workman's cottages, but the vast majority of houses here are semi-detached brick houses that were built in the 50's and 60's, many of which back onto and provide beautiful views of the Humber Valley.

Last, but certainly not least, are the early 1900's built brick and stone Tudor homes that lie North of Dundas Street in the Lambton Park pocket. We've chosen to separate the area north of the train tracks as the character is quite different and the tracks are a real mental as well as physical dividing line.

Area: 2km

Population: 7,920


Kids: 21%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 20.90%

Average Family Income: $170,271


Lower Education: 43%

Higher Education: 10.60%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 1920

Tenanted Homes: 1235

Public, Separate, Private and Montessori options are all around. Some are a little closer than others, but a spare set of wheels for the Nanny will have the private schools in reach with little inconvenience.


Lambton Park Community School
Humbercrest Public School
Warren Park Jr Public School
Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School
Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School
Mountview Alternative School


James Culnan Catholic School
St. James Catholic School


Runnymede Collegiate Institute

TTC offerings along Jane and Dundas offer relatively painless connections to the Subway. Highways are easily accessed, and Pearson Airport is shockingly close--a painless 15 minutes away.

About Lambton

Welcome to Toronto’s Lambton neighbourhood.

The natural beauty of the Lambton area – with its hills, and dales, and old oak trees – is shaped by the picturesque Humber River Valley. Lambton gains its name from a flour mill ‘Lambton Mill’, built in 1845, that was once responsible for producing 150 barrels of flour daily. The mill has since shut down, and this now flourishing neighbourhood has become known for its charming homes and local parks.

Nearby Lambton Park provides a gateway to the 10+ km of riverside trail and serves as a go-to destination for residents and weekend visitors. Smythe Park, also part of the parks network, offers bird watching in a wildlife protected area – where the Black Creek swerves through a number of ponds and marshes. This setting is ideal for walking, cycling, running, and hiking. Residents of the Lambton area, who are golfers, can often be found at the Lambton Golf and Country Club or Scarlett Woods Golf Course – located just a stone’s throw away.

The homes in the Lambton neighbourhood can date as far back as the 1800s – with workman’s cottages, tiny homes once built for mill workers and their families, and old gardener homesteads offering a unique and special alternative to today’s box-ready homes. However, the bulk of housing found in “The Valley”, the area south of Dundas, consists of semi-detached brick houses built in the 1940s and 1950s.

If you’re thinking about moving to the Lambton area you’re someone who appreciates community, local schools, parks, fresh air, and the beauty of one’s natural surroundings.

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