The Lowdown on Bloor West Village

Your Typical Neighbour

Pleasant. Professional. Two incomes. With a solid chance that their kids attend one of the excellent schools to which the nanny walks them daily.

What We

Many homes here have struck a perfect balance between the maintenance of original character (beautiful original hardwood for example) and modern conveniences and amenities.

What We Don't

There’s not a lot NOT to like, aside from the very real possibility that you may not be able to afford to buy here!

Property Statistics in Bloor West Village

Source: TREB Statistics

Homes for sale in Bloor West Village often don’t last long, which is equally true for the neighbourhoods that surround it. It’s a family-centric area populated almost exclusively with semi and detached homes that usually crack seven figures. Bidding wars have been common in the past.

There are few high rise buildings to be found within the commonly accepted borders of this neighbourhood, although there are several both just to the east and west. Larger than average lots (by Toronto standards) on wide streets lined with aged oak and maple trees make for an atmosphere that helps explain the area's appeal. Most houses were built between about 1915 and 1925 and feature shaded front porches, adding to curb appeal. Despite being similar in size and style, time has made sure that homes differ enough in cosmetics to keep the neighbourhood interesting and visually appealing.

Area: 2km

Population: 9,635


Kids: 19%

Youth: 10%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 11.8%

Average Family Income: $113,120


Lower Education: 38.5%

Higher Education: 9%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 80%

Tenanted Homes: 20%

There are a number of good schools here, in direct correlation with the number of families that call the area home.


Muir/Gladstone Ave Junior and Senior Public School Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School St. Pius X Catholic School King George Junior Public School Humbercrest Public School
Proximity to the subway line makes this neighbourhood very popular, and an easy commute for the countless professionals who live here. Nearby south Kingsway provides an efficient route to Lake Shore and the Gardiner Expressway.

About Bloor West Village

Welcome to Toronto’s Bloor West Village neighbourhood.

Bloor West Village runs along the commercial stretch of Bloor between two neighbourhoods (Runnymede and Swansea), to the west of High Park. It is an area of the city with picturesque, graciously tree-lined, streets. It’s also a neighbourhood that takes pride in its appearance.

Maybe the happiness of the Bloor West Village community can be attributed to their family-oriented, community-focused, and convenient, surroundings. Local schools are within walking distance and the ‘wonder years aesthetic’ of the area provides the perfect stomping grounds for children to play road hockey, climb trees, have lemonade stands, walk their dogs, and intermingle.

Homes in the area are mainly brick or stone, detached, classic dwellings, with modern improvements and upgrades, and are popular with young families. But, just like homes in the area, the makeup of Bloor West Village residents is a consistent mix between ‘the old’ and ‘the new’.

With over 400 boutiques, shops, grocers, cafes, restaurants, and pubs a brisk walk away, this Toronto neighbourhood is worth the trip (or investment) at every turn. Some local business offerings include: Snappers Fish market, Bake Sale, Say Tea, Nest Yoga & Massage, and many more. The Bloor West BIA (Business Improvement Association) has been so wildly successful in building a prosperous community of small businesses that it serves as a model for other BIAs who have tried to follow in their footsteps. And when we say ‘other BIAs’ we mean it: over the years over 80 BIAs have tried to copy the model that Bloor West Village set up. The resulting beautification of the area (starting from a $47,500 initial investment) has left the streets glistening just a little brighter, the shops just a little more welcoming, and the return on investment just a little higher.

When you live in Bloor West Village you truly live in a village in the city. You have the best of both worlds matched with the convenience of location and accessibility. Not too shabby if you ask us…

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