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Long-time European families are still a constant here. Creative types that no are no longer able to afford Parkdale are looking north to the Junction Triangle to put down roots. Families are flocking to the affordability of the area’s houses, and first time hipst… ummm buyers are exploring conversion offerings!

What We

Value. There are some great homes to be found here, both on the house front, and on the loft conversion front. And the affordability of this area clearly speaks to the fact that it hasn’t been FULLY discovered yet!

What We Don't

Many of the most charming and affordable houses are on narrow streets where on-street parking is the only option. This can be a challenge for a growing family. There's also some streets that retain a significant sketch factor; be sure to visit at night to make sure you're comfortable before you buy

Property Statistics in Junction Triangle

Source: TREB Statistics

The significant decline in industry in the area has made way for a major revitalization of abandoned factories and warehouses. Many have been converted into condo loft spaces, while others have been torn down completely and new townhouse developments built in their place. A driving tour of some of the smaller streets in this neighbourhood reveals further development opportunity that is either under way or waiting to be consumed by growing demand and increasing popularity.

Alongside the growing number of condo loft and townhome offerings, the narrow side streets are lined with 1920s built Victorian homes. These two and three-story houses can be found in varying states of update, though many have had the exterior brick repainted (some more tastefully than others) and offer lovely curb appeal. If you’re considering this neighbourhood, we suggest you move sooner rather than later with a look to maximizing your long-term investment potential. The flippers (and realtors) discovered it a couple of years ago, and now fully renovated homes are starting to show themselves for sale here more and more - as pure an indication as you’re going to get that the area remains undervalued.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $590,058 661,070 $711,753 $771,667 $942,460 $953,239
PRICE: Low-High $341,000-$1,350,000 $452,000-$1,205,000 $540,000-$1,171,000 $126,000-$1,200,000 $630,000-$2,300,000 $635,000-$1,555,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 14 13 12 10 14 22
# OF SALES 61 68 54 52 60 44


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $390,965 $431,236 $482,049 $559,479 $666,500 $753,551
PRICE: Low-High $169,000-$515,000 $195,000-$700,000 $315,000-$729,900 $225,000-$850,000 $250,000-$1,270,000 $360,000-$1,230,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 20 20 19 15 10 9
# OF SALES 56 56 67 61 66 55

Area: 3km

Population: 14,015


Kids: 14%

Youth: 12%

Seniors: 9%

Visible Minority: 28.7%

Average Family Income: $81,422


Lower Education: 32.1%

Higher Education: 9.7%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 55%

Tenanted Homes: 45%

There are a lot of schools in and around the neighbourhood, both in the public and separate boards. Private or Montessori options will have you travelling a little.


St. Cecilia Catholic School
Annette Street Public School


Lucy McCormick Sr. School

The Triangle is surrounded by bus offerings, most of which can get you to a subway line. Drivers can easily follow Dupont, Bloor or Dundas to the downtown in about 15 minutes - during non rush hour times.

About Junction Triangle

The Junction Triangle is a tiny neighbourhood that is sandwiched in between the Junction and Bloordale village. It has become the home to many (very lucky) Torontonians. It is also the host of successful Canadian start-ups like Ubisoft and Freshbooks.

The ‘Triangle’ in ‘Junction Triangle’ is due to the area literally taking on the shape of a triangle of land – defined by its clear-cut borders of railway tracks on all 3 sides. Within which, residents are greeted by a wide range of local business offerings: Halo Brewery, Yoga Yoga, Urban Acorn Market, TuckShop Kitchen, Hello Darling, Katzman Contemporary, Boulderz Climbing…the list goes on.

If the Junction Triangle “proper” grows tiresome, residents just head-on over to visit neighbouring hot spots available in Roncesvalles Village and High Park. And yet, it’s very hard to feel disappointed in this unique, and highly sought-after, slice of the city. An area that is consistently touched with the brilliance, innovation, and smart design, traditional of a modern-day rebirth.

Construction, new business, and support ‘shop local’ mentality will continue to drive flocks of buyers to this neighbourhood. An area of the city that has shown power in reinvention. A place that’s theme song just might be “My Way”. A neighbourhood, that embraces the young, the old, families, newlyweds, swinging-singles, loners, and socialites – all at once.

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