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The Lowdown on The Annex

Your Typical Neighbour

‘Typical’ is hard to describe in th Annex as it’s one of the most heterogeneous in the city. A massive influx of immigrants following the 1956 Hungarian revolution moved into the neighbourhood, and are thought to still own many of the properties and businesses along Bloor today. In all likelihood, your younger, renting neighbour supports local business, devours local day and nightlife, and enjoys a car-free lifestyle close to home. Your not-quite-as-young home-owning neighbour likely has similar roots, but with the addition of a luxury car and an uber-successful career that allows them to afford their uber-convenient home!

What We

Options. The Annex  has so many options. Culturally diverse dining options abound, and most are inexpensive enough they won’t leave you short on your potentially hefty mortgage payment. Eavesdropping on educated current event conversation is a hobby unto itself here and can be heard in accents from around the world. Finally, convince your kids to attend the country’s most respected University and you can save on housing costs!

What We Don't

More affordable real estate listed for sale CAN be in close proximity to that frat house. We’ll help you do your homework. (Though they are not THAT difficult to spot).

Property Statistics in The Annex

All Properties - Statistics

Q3 2023


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Average Days on Market


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$ Volume of Sales

Detached Houses - Statistics

Q3 2023


Average Price


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Condos - Statistics

Q3 2023


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Source: TREB Statistics

It’s all here in the Annex. That IS the real estate scoop. Massive former mansions that now serve as frat houses for storied U of T organizations, dated ‘International Style’ mid-rise apartment buildings and ‘smaller’ multi-unit homes being re-converted into luxurious single-family houses. Some streets are mixed, while others are filled with only luxury single-family homes.

The ‘Annex Style’ home, as it is known by some, is prominent here. Large stone arches and the frequent use of turrets give a moneyed feel to some of the most uniquely Torontonian and attractive real estate in the city.

Options in the Annex for buyers are as varied as the prospective purchasers. Older apartment buildings, new condo development (boutique and otherwise), townhomes and houses both semi and fully detached are available for sale. Over the past years there has been an increase in the conversion of  run-down multi-unit properties back into single-family dwellings.

Based solely on demand for the area, first-time buyers in this prominent neighbourhood will in all likelihood be looking at condos or some of the more unique co-ownership opportunities that exist here. Believe us when we tell you that home-buying options here are not for the faint of wallet!

Area: 3km

Population: 29,180


Kids: 8%

Youth: 13%

Seniors: 16%

Visible Minority: 20.6%

Average Family Income: $203,150


Lower Education: 15%

Higher Education: 31.4%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 36%

Tenanted Homes: 64%

The Annex has world-class public transportation and about 10 bus, 2 subway and 1 light rail lines passing through it making it super easy to get around. For those that drive, the automobile is definitely the less attractive option in this super accessible neighbourhood. Walkscore calls it Toronto’s 5th most walkable neighbourhood and rates it a 96 Transit score. Car or private school? Discuss amongst yourselves…

About The Annex

Welcome to Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood!

Famous in the 1960s as a hippie hangout the Annex is now one of Toronto’s most sought-after, and well-heeled, neighbourhoods. It seems, just like Kombucha, something once frowned-on has become widely coveted.

A simple stroll through the Annex area will leave you swooning. Not for the architecturally faint-of-heart, the Annex boasts an incredible roster of Edwardian and Victorian homes that can leave anyone’s pulse racing. This is a slice of ‘the six’ that caters equally to those looking for excitement as it does to those looking for peace and quiet.

Residents of the Annex neighbourhood have access to rarely-worn city comforts like an abundance of trees, one-way streets, cobblestone pathways, ‘shop local’ boutiques, artisanal bakeries, health food stores, small art galleries, and Parisian-style cafes. They also have access to a variety of nightlife, fancy restaurants, hip bars, off-the-runway clothing stores, expensive jewellers, spas, upscale hair salons, and under-the-radar nightclubs.

What makes the Annex so special is that in the face of its rapid gentrification, movie star sightings, glitz, and glamour, it still holds on to its artistic and European roots – boasting a unique flavour and charm that whispers rather than shouts.

The perfect blend of old and new, the Annex just so happens to also mesh seamlessly geographically. Ideally located right between uptown and downtown, and close to Toronto’s financial district, business centres, and one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world – embodying what we now know today as ‘the Mink Mile’.

While real estate in the Annex boasts a heavy price tag, it is one investment that will leave you feeling absolutely zero buyer’s remorse.

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