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The Lowdown on Baby Point

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Corporate big wigs, growing families, and very possibly their nanny!

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Location. You’re right on the Humber River and surrounded by some great hoods: High Park, Bloor West, the Junction. From overpriced gourmet food shops to vintage clothing or a brewpub, most anything is walkable from your doorstep. Plus street traffic is minimal, since it's a residential cul-de-sac.

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Listings are rare, don’t last long and will test your financial fortitude!

Property Statistics in Baby Point

Source: TREB Statistics

Initially a Seneca Village, Baby Point was founded by the Honourable James Baby (“Bawby”). James Baby, a member of the Family Compact, was born into a wealthy family, established in the fur trade, and later became a prominent landholder, politician, and judge. With fierce fur competition in New York and the French territories, Baby expanded his operations to Toronto – and settled in what is now known today as Baby (“Bawby”) Point.

In the 1800s Baby point was lined with apple orchards, lush greenery, and had vacant land a-plenty. Salmon swam, in schools, up the Humber River and there was even a fresh spring of water that flowed down the hillside. This water was bottled, and sold, worldwide. Perhaps one of the 1st examples of bottled water in the world, and a predecessor to modern-day gated communities.

Baby’s heirs continued to live in Baby Point until 1910 when the government acquired Baby Point with the intention of establishing a military fortress and army barracks on its land. Luckily, the government amended its plans and sold-off Baby Point to Robert Home Smith, a well-known developer, who eventually established the Baby Point subdivision in 1912.

Area: 2km

Population: 7,920


Kids: 21%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 20.90%

Average Family Income: $170,271


Lower Education: 43%

Higher Education: 10.60%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 1920

Tenanted Homes: 1235

The Jane subway station is a stone's throw from this neighbourhood making for easy transit access, and drivers have quick access to the Gardiner & Lake Shore Blvd via South Kingsway.

About Baby Point

Welcome to Toronto’s neighbourhood of Baby Point.

Finding a neighbourhood of calm and solitude, in the hustle-and-bustle of Toronto, is like finding a unicorn dressed in a fancy hat.

Yet, nestled near Jane and Bloor Street, you are greeted by centuries-old stone gates, that seem to stand guard, marking the entrance into the Eden-like enclave known as ‘Baby Point’ (pronounced “Bawby”).

Steps inside “Bawby” Point, you find tennis courts, trees, 90-year-old Tudor-style homes, and a city shoreline met by the sparkling waters of the Humber River. Baby Point has become an exclusive west-end neighbourhood that is recognized for its rich history – dating back to the 1600s – once a prosperous Seneca Nation village known as ‘Teiaiagon’.

The majority of homes in the Baby Point area were built in the 1920s and 1930s, many of which are larger-in-size and built in the arts-and-crafts, English manor, or Tudor styles. The most coveted (and oldest) streets in the neighbourhood are Baby Point Road and Baby Point Crescent. These streets are lined with large oak trees, which were often used in the construction of some of the older Baby Point homes – where today we can see: oak staircases, oak trim, oak doors, and oak-mantlepieces.

A 15-minute walk from popular Bloor West Village, Baby Point residents easily access local speciality shops, grocers, clothing stores, bakeries, butchers, restaurants, vintage & antique stores, health food varieties, fitness & yoga studios, and delicious bistros. Annette & Jane street are also popular destinations where you will find Baby Point residents enjoying handcrafted burgers, at Woody’s burgers, chowing down on Mexican food, at Mad Mexican, Italian food, at Queen Margherita Pizza, or enjoying a pint at a local pub.

Never dull, Baby Point also plays host to an ambitious social scene. Located off of Baby Point Road, the Baby Point Club is a social and recreational fixture in the neighbourhood. Featuring 2 tennis courts, a log cabin clubhouse, and lawn bowling greenery – the club is host to a variety of social events year-round. And, if you’re not the ‘club-going type’ there are always the picturesque surroundings of Etienne Brule Park, the Humber Valley ravine, and local parquets – ideal hot spots for a jog, yoga, coffee date, or long stroller walk. Baby Point’s coveted old-world neighbourhood charm can impart optimism in any city slicker’s heart.

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