The Lowdown on Davisville Village

Your Typical Neighbour

Your typical Davisville Village neighbour is a middle-to-high income earner, professional, or is very family-oriented. In recent years the average price for a home in Davisville Village has skyrocketed so generally a neighbour in this hood  is well-heeled, educated and working. There is also a significant population of renters, living in the various condominium and apartment buildings peppered along streets like Merton and Mount Pleasant.

What We

When you’re a resident of Davisville Village, the location is hard to beat. Either direction you decide to go (North? South? East? West?) you have easy access to public transportation, major commuter roads, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

What We Don't

Besides offering a wide selection of beautiful homes, Davisville Village is a very high-density area and unless this is something you’re used to, areas east of Yonge, before Mount Pleasant, can feel rather crowded and busy. Lots along this area are also smaller and more tightly packed.

Property Statistics in Davisville Village

Source: TREB Statistics

Home sizes range in Davisville Village, from smaller bungalows and condominiums to larger homes and newer build mansions. The area has quickly become a sought-after piece of Toronto real estate because of its prime location and excellent local offerings and homes are valued at a million and up. This is a high density residential and mixed-use area and every pocket of Davisville Village can feel slightly different.

Area: 5,155

Population: 15,982


Kids: 17%

Youth: 9%

Seniors: 13%

Visible Minority: 16%

Average Family Income: $100,188


Lower Education: 14%

Higher Education: 86%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 63%

Tenanted Homes: 37%

Locals are close to Davisville TTC Station (Yonge & Davisville), the Yonge and Mount Pleasant buses & streetcars, major car commuter routes along Yonge Street, Davisville, and Mount Pleasant and a quick drive to Eglinton Avenue or St. Clair.

About Davisville Village

Welcome to Toronto’s Davisville Village neighbourhood!

Davisville Village, centred around Yonge & Davisville, sits sandwiched between St. Clair and Eglinton Avenue. John Davis founded Davisville in 1940 when he opened the first post office in the area and served as the post-master. Today, this building houses a (very popular) Starbucks and is flanked by flower shops, boutique cafes, salons, small stores and office buildings. Davisville Village is considered one of Toronto’s swanky ‘Midtown’ neighbourhoods.

Many of the homes found throughout Davisville Village were built between 1920 and 1930. The majority of these homes are brick-stone and range in size from smaller bungalows to larger houses. Many streets in Davisville Village are also considered mixed-use. For example, one side of a road may feature a row of residential housing while the other displays a row of condominiums and office towers. Generally speaking, these mixed-use streets are found closer to Mount Pleasant (Davisville east) rather than closer to Avenue Road (Davisville north). Somehow the division between residential, condominiums, rental buildings and office towers still works and has not hindered growth or investment in the area.

Davisville Village residents are generally young professionals, young couples and single families attracted to the quiet of the area and proximity to services, some nightlife, TTC, major roads and parks. In warmer months many families in the area attend the Davisville Tennis Club (just off Mount Pleasant & Davisville) for racquet sports and lessons. Until recently, Davisville Village residents were also within arm’s reach of Toronto’s exclusive Badminton & Racquet Club, at St.Clair & Yonge, a landmark since 1812. Unfortunately, the club was destroyed in 2017, in one of the largest fires in the city’s history (luckily no one was harmed).

Families who live in the Davisville Village area are also close to a handful of good schools including Greenwood College school, Sunnybrook school, the Toronto Prep school and Northern secondary school.

Popular hot spots in Davisville include The Red Lantern, Duke of Kent, Bull & Firkin,Tabule restaurant, Positano Restaurant, the LCBO, Starbucks and Fiorio Beauty Academy.

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