The Lowdown on Lawrence Park

Your Typical Neighbour

Your typical Lawrence Park neighbour is a single family with professional parents and nannies or one stay-at-home parent. An expensive area, many of the local children go to nearby private schools and it’s not uncommon for residents to have second or third out-of-city properties that they escape to in warmer or cooler months. Neighbours in Lawrence Park generally know each other by name and are quite social.

What We

Lawrence Park is really (really) pretty. So of course…we like that. Needless to say between the homes, green space, and neighbourly qualities of the area there’s not much not to like.

What We Don't

This area can define ‘keeping up with the Joneses. End of story.

Lawrence Park ain’t cheap ya’ll! But, of course, like most things that are expensive, this in an investment built to stand the test of time. Homes are attractive, heritage-in-quality, well-built and charming. These are larger homes than you might find in other areas of Toronto. The architectural style ranges but is predominantly Georgian, Colonial, Tudor-revival or English-cottage, in design. The average list price for a Lawrence Park home is just shy of 3 million dollars (2017). Some of this has to do with the home you’re buying and the area you’re buying in, but also because competition to break into the Lawrence Park market is fierce.


2015 2016 2017
AVERAGE PRICE $2,960,077 $3,222,523 $4,141,297
PRICE: Low-High $1,165,000-$5.325.000 $1,290,000-$7,215,000 $1,790,000-$7,150,000
# OF SALES 26 88 61


2015 2016 2017
AVERAGE PRICE $731,827 $1,030,557 $1,273,101
PRICE: Low-High $306,000-$1,212,500 $620,000-$1,415,000 $348,000-$3,188,000
# OF SALES 7 26 34

Area: 4,651

Population: 15,070


Kids: 19%

Youth: 15%

Seniors: 12%

Visible Minority: 13%

Average Family Income: $174,277


Lower Education: 10%

Higher Education: 90%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 96%

Tenanted Homes: 4%

If you live in Lawrence Park you are close to the TTC (Lawrence Park station, right at Yonge & Lawrence), Mount Pleasant Road, Avenue Road, Lawrence Avenue, and the 401 highway isn’t too far either. It is a very walkable neighbourhood that is also easy to commute to-and-from in all directions. Lucky you!

About Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is an expensive Toronto neighborhood that is known for its family-oriented community, beautiful homes, greenery and prime location. Bordered by Yonge Street to the west and Bayview Avenue to the east, ‘LP’ runs from Blythwood ravine on the south to Lawrence Avenue on the north.

Once ranked the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Canada (in 2011) Lawrence Park residents are generally well-heeled professionals, single families and the socialites of Toronto. It’s not hard to see why people have been so willing to invest and settle down in the Lawrence Park area, as it consistently maintains its garden suburb qualities that set it apart from many Toronto neighbourhoods.

Planning of Lawrence Park began in the early 20th century. It was originally planned as one of the city’s first garden suburbs. The area came to fuller development after World War 2. Today, the thoughtful planning of the area can easily be seen in its scenic properties and abundance of parkland, ravines and green space. Lawrence Park is now considered by many to be a ‘residential park’ and heritage community.

Lawrence Park houses are a mix of Tudor revival, Georgian, Colonial and English Cottage designs. Generally, homes are older and were built between 1910 and the late 1940’s. In recent years there has been some neighborhood upset at ‘monster homes’ that have been built on land where heritage properties once stood. This has bothered some ‘LP locals’ who feel these homes don’t match the scale and look of traditional Lawrence Park housing.

Families who live in Lawrence Park have the opportunity to send their children to a wide range of top-notch local schools all within arm’s reach. Schools that are in high-demand in the area include: Crescent school (an all boys private school), Crestwood school, Sunny View Junior & Senior schools, Blythwood Junior school, Lawrence park Collegiate Institute (high school), The Toronto French School, Bedford Park Public school, and SOLA (School of Liberal Arts (private school). More mature residents wishing to continue studies are also very close to the Glendon College of York University.

What makes Lawrence Park so special is not its abundance of wealth but its tight-knit community. This is an area where neighbours are on a first name basis. Socially it is a hive of activities and get-togethers. Children of families in the area generally know each other and it is not uncommon for them to form life-long friendships in this community that encourages togetherness and where locals often settle down and stay for some time.

Living in ‘LP’ also has the benefits of being close to the Yonge Street shopping district, Alexander Muir flower gardens & Blythwood Ravine Park, city restaurants and cafes–even a golf club (Rosedale Golf Club is just around the corner). The interior of the neighbourhood is well-kept, quiet and seemingly hidden from the outside hustle while placing residents close to major commuter roads (Yonge Street, Mount Pleasant), TTC (Lawrence subway station, Yonge streetcar) – not bad, not bad at all.

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