The Lowdown on Bedford Park – Nortown

Your Typical Neighbour

(Sometimes young) professionals, families, some grandparents and single dwellers. This is a neighbourly area of Toronto, where people quickly know you (and your kids) by name. Due to the cost of buying into Bedford Park, neighbours are generally on the wealthier end of the spectrum.

What We

A great neighbourhood to raise a family in because of its quiet streets, mature trees, older homes and generally welcoming vibe. It’s also super close to transit - awesome for any professional on-the-go.

What We Don't

It’s not uncommon to find a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ mentality here. People in Bedford Park are well-heeled and generally quite ambitious. The white picket fence is not everyone’s dream, but if it’s’ve hit the jackpot with Bedford Park!

Property Statistics in Bedford Park – Nortown

Source: TREB Statistics

Homes in Bedford Park are generally older brickstone builds from the 1890s - 1940s. However, in 1909, once the Rosedale Golf Club was built and neighbouring Lawrence and Teddington Park boomed with wealthy residents, Bedford Park’s status skyrocketed. It remains a highly coveted and widely sought-after area of our city.

Area: 6,378

Population: 14,541


Kids: 23%

Youth: 10%

Seniors: 12%

Visible Minority: 16%

Average Family Income: $137,595


Lower Education: 8%

Higher Education: 92%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 79%

Tenanted Homes: 21%

About Bedford Park – Nortown

Welcome to Toronto’s Bedford Park neighbourhood!

Bedford Park is a Toronto neighbourhood found north of Lawrence Avenue, east of Avenue Road and bisected by Yonge Street. It is a residential neighbourhood, mostly filled with families and young professionals. It’s rumoured to have gained its name from the Bedford Park Hotel, which opened in the area in 1873, and has today been replaced by none other than…you guessed it…a Starbucks!

Now that we’ve woken you up (we hope) let’s talk about the real subject here: Bedford Park real estate.

Generally, homes in Bedford Park are mid-sized detached and semi-detached, built between 1890 and 1940; the area was originally conceived as a part of a middle-class housing development.

Properties in the Bedford Park area saw a significant spike in value in 1909, when Rosedale Golf Club was relocated to the section of the Don Valley that lies northeast of the neighbourhood, bordering Lawrence Park and Teddington Park. A wealth of new investment followed, raising the status of Bedford Park.

Today, the area is considered an upper-class family neighbourhood, and homes can be expensive. Residents tend to lay down roots and stay long-term, as a result, homes in the area are generally lived in for many years and well-kept along the way. All this makes it a very competitive neighbourhood for young families to break into.

With mature tree-lined streets, quiet roads, low traffic, a calm vibe, and a very tight-knit and family-oriented community, Bedford Park is a coveted piece of real estate. Proximity to good schools, local parks, Highway 401 and Lawrence subway station make it a ‘no brainer’ for families looking for the best of suburban and urban living–if they can afford it.

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