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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

We’ve all shared a few laughs over this classic Staples commercial, relating with the mom dancing through the aisles getting ready to send her kids back after summer vacation.

We want to make sure that the transition of sending your kids back is just as smooth as this jingle promises…because we know that this process can be stressful at times.

Following our mantra of doing what you’re good at and outsourcing the rest, we want to share with you how to make sure you’re prepared for everything back to school.

The Basics: Outsourcing Your Back-to-School 

Back to School. the BREL team

School Supplies

If you have a type-A teacher who pre emails you a checklist of what supplies are required for the work year ahead, then this step is a breeze. If not, major retail stores such as Staples, have made this process seamless. They have plenty of checklists, and blog articles that tell you the exact supplies you need to buy for the grade at hand. The best part, if you’re a last-minute shopper, (we’ve all been there) they offer a “get it by tomorrow” shipping option! Just in time for when the bell rings!


This one is for you college/university students! Whether it’s your first time leaving the nest and moving into a dorm room or finding an apartment for your second, third, fourth years, furniture shopping can be stressful! Going from having a fully stocked house, to suddenly needing your own toaster is a big step in everyone’s life! Popular furniture stores such as IKEA, have made this process a breeze, by putting together a custom product list that has you covered!


Lucky for you, there couldn’t be a better time to buy electronics! During the month of Aug, Apple will give you a discount on your laptop if you show a student card, and even gift a free pair of headphones. Check out their landing page on their site here, it has a list of all the electronics you may need.


It’s the night before your first day of school, you’ve laid out your fresh new jeans and t-shirt with a brand new pair of shoes, all ready to go for the morning. We’ve all done it. There’s nothing better than starting the new school year with a new wardrobe. Clothing stores like Joe Fresh, Forever 21 and Old Navy, have you covered with pre-made outfits, geared towards back to school fashion.

Next Level Outsourcing Ideas

the BREL team. Professional Stylist

Hire A Professional Stylist 

If you wouldn’t dare to enter a mall during the craziness of back to school, then this is for you. Toronto based services will do the hard work for you! They will come to your house to make wardrobe suggestions, take your measurements, then head to the stores to get you the trendiest pieces!

Hire A Professional Organizer

We get it. Summer gets busy with kids prancing in and out of the house. There’s no better time to organize your home than the start of a new school year! Clutter Be Gone that will come re-vamp your home office space and have you smooth sailing again.

Meal Delivery Service

Who else dreads packing a lunch every day!? Yumble Kids is a weekly lunch box service that delivers healthy, balanced, pre-packed meals to your home! They’re all ready to pack into your child’s backpack!

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