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In light of our recent KonMari organization event, and in our best efforts to only keep what “sparks joy,” we at the BREL team are on a mission to conquer our clutter!

In our mantra of doing what you’re good at and outsourcing the rest, we want to share with you our research into adopting a minimalist, organized and stress-free lifestyle.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed organizational freak looking for fresh ideas,  or if you could be the next star on TLC’s “Hoarders” episode, this list has you covered on how to tidy up!

The Basics

Junk Removal

Whether your downsizing or have hopped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon, its time to turn to a life of minimalism. With Got Junk, you can arrange same day junk removals. Ranging from old furniture, boxes, bikes, clothes to you name it, they’ll dispose of it!  Now say it with me, “Purge, Purge, Purge!”

De-Clutter and Donate

This is an overall win-win situation. Diabetes Canada will pick up gently used clothing and small household items for free. Not only will you feel great by letting go of last season’s (or 10 seasons ago…we’re not judging) attire, but you will be donating to a good cause!

Office Organization

We get it. Work life gets busy. It’s one task to take care of a home, but it’s a whole different playing field when it comes to your office space. If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of papers, have no fear! Clutter Be Gone that will come re-vamp your home office space and have you smooth sailing again.

Hire a Professional Organizer

This seriously might be the best decision of your life. From your kitchen pantry to your closet to your makeup station, having a professional organizer on hand will help you tidy up your space. We love Michele Delory of Modern Minimalist – she was our guide at our client organizing session and will help you get your home under control. 

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Next Level

Laundry Pick-Up, Wash and Fold

If your laundry bin is always over-heaping and you can’t find the time to attend to it, don’t worry! The people at Simple Laundry will pick up your dirty clothes, wash them, fold them and return them to you. They’ll do your dry cleaning too  – and it’s cheaper than you’d think. 

Grocery Delivery and Put-Away

While this idea is still in talks with Walmart, it gives grocery shopping a whole new meaning. Not only will you be able to pre-order your groceries online, but someone will come and put your goods away for you! 👀

Booking a Tidying Info Session

Grab a bunch of your friends, a few bottles of wine and host a tidying event! Trust us, it’s a blast! Read our blog here for a sneak peek of what to expect – and get ready to take folding your clothes to a brand new level.  

Portrait Hanging

Do you have pictures on your floor that have been waiting to be hung? Free up your floor space and spruce up your walls by hiring someone to come hang them for you. Task Rabbit will get the job done. 

Electronic Recycling Services

Old electronics can take up a lot of space, and figuring out how to properly dispose of them can be time-consuming. Save yourself the struggle by hiring an electronic removal service.

Toy Upcycling

If you’re still holding on to your children’s old toys, it may be time to finally let go. Sentimental objects are tough, but at Tiny Toy Co, they will upcycle your old toy bits into play-based learning activities. That’s something to feel great about.

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