The Lowdown on Seaton Village

Your Typical Neighbour

Increasingly the demographic here is young families with kids who find the Annex or even Riverdale just out of reach. Wide international flavour. Also, local academia (the non-tenured professors perhaps?) who love that U of T is just so darn close!

What We

Well-programmed family oriented parks aplenty with top-notch conveniences all in walking distance.

What We Don't

Getting out of the city core can be time consuming, since you are pretty much equidistant from major arteries. Though the Honest Ed's re-development is underway there is still a long way to go....

Property Statistics in Seaton Village

Source: TREB Statistics

Seaton Village is kind of an Annex Light: the aesthetic and atmosphere are similar, but the lots, houses and prices are all a little bit smaller. The houses are mainly semi and detached single-family homes that share the Victorian heritage style so closely associated with neighbouring Annex. Most are larger homes built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the largest of which (like the Annex) have been converted to multi-unit apartments. The area has a strong sense of community, and is surprisingly quiet, with mature tree-lined streets where neighbours hang out on porches and chat during summer months.

More recently there has been an increase in the number of upscale condos and townhomes built in the area. These are opening up ownership opportunities in the area to a demographic that would not have likely been able to consider it before. In fact, some of the not so new buildings that line Bathurst offer larger than expected suites with maintenance fees that can be lower than expected given the age of the buildings. The extreme walkability and wealth of transit options in this neighbourhood make it attractive to residents and investors alike.

Average selling prices here have increased sharply over the last few years. Despite that fact, average prices here remain relatively low compared to those of neighbouring Annex. This area is a great option for those looking for a single-family dwelling with all the conveniences of the Annex at a lower price point.

Area: 3km

Population: 29,180


Kids: 8%

Youth: 13%

Seniors: 16%

Visible Minority: 20.6%

Average Family Income: $203,150


Lower Education: 15%

Higher Education: 31.4%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 36%

Tenanted Homes: 64%

The neighbourhood is surrounded by transit, and streetcar and subway options abound. Easy access to the core and the local University and Bathurst provides easy options north and south for motorists. However, as mentioned above, it can be time-consuming to leave the city.

About Seaton Village

Welcome to Toronto’s Seaton Village neighbourhood!

Homes in the Seaton Village area are generally Victorian & Edwardian row houses, and grand brick mansions, built with care and thoughtful planning. Classic brick exteriors combine, charmingly, with: stained glass windows, wrought iron detailing, beautiful shutters, and clean lines. Homes exude a palpable warmth, particularly in the winter, with the majority of living or dining rooms, facing the street and featuring (the oh-so-rare) natural fireplace (complete with built-in wooden bookshelves!?) that seems to be escaping our more modern times.

Seaton Village is basically situated in the Annex. The characteristics of each neighbourhood melt seamlessly into each other. Together, the two neighbourhoods form an area that is considered one of Toronto’s most beautiful. Residents have access to the calm, quiet, solitude of their (100+-year-old homes) while also being mere steps, or a quick drive, away from Yorkville, Bloor street, the University of Toronto, and Little Italy. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Seaton Village is so conveniently located that going uptown, or downtown, is done with less hassle than other areas of the city.

On any given day residents in Toronto’s Seaton Village can be seen walking their dogs, strollers in tow, Fiesta Farm bags hanging gingerly, a bouquet of flowers clutched under determined elbows, en-route to find the perfect wine pairing for their dinner party. Locals can be witnessed hopping out of shiny vehicles, tightening fine wool wrap jackets, and applying lip gloss, before heading into Napoli Centrale for fire-roasted Neopolitan-style pizza and strong coffee. Students flock together, at Pour Boy to mix and mingle and chug …I mean drink…some pints.

When you live in Seaton Village, you live the good life. One where trees and natural beauty coexist effortlessly with city comforts, classic style welcomes modern finishings, and quiet residential living is unbothered by nearby nightlife and action. Real estate in Seaton Village is positioned at the epicentre of so many things that make Toronto a diverse and acclaimed city. Naturally, like the rest of ‘the six’… it ain’t cheap…but nothing worth it ever is.

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