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Heading West

Today, BREL Mississauga agent Nicole shares her Top 10 Reasons to consider moving to the 905.

1. There is a ton of development happening 

If you think Toronto is the only city growing in the southern Ontario area, you may be surprised to hear about all of the development planned in the 905. New master neighbourhoods (Lakeview Village, Brightwater, Square One District), government focus on the revitalization of gentrifying areas (Cooksville), new housing and condos, and new transit (Hurontario LRT)  are just some of the things currently underway in Mississauga. It’s crazy to see how much the city has grown over the past decade and enthralling to watch the new plans unfold.

2. You really get some great bang for your buck 

As of May 2020, the average price of a property (any property) in Mississauga was $796,000 – which is a far cry from the average overall Toronto price of $884,000.  And anyone currently looking for a home in the Toronto area with a budget of $955,000 will know and agree with me that there isn’t too much at that price point when we are talking freeholds.

Across the board, according to May 2020 stats, Mississauga homes were approximately $70,000 less on average than in Toronto.

The rankings were closer when we compared condo style properties, but I believe the numbers are skewed in part to the micro condos available in the city. Condo townhouses were ~$50,000 less and condo apartments were closer to $100,000 less (based on average prices).

If we consider that each $100K is equal to approximately $500 a month in mortgage cost, we can see that those monthly expenses add up rather quickly.

And it’s not to say that homes in Mississauga are all less expensive than Toronto (let’s not forget there are some pretty pricey ‘hoods west of the 427 too), but that typically you would be spending less for the same house (or getting a larger home for the same amount of cash).

3. Your friends have probably already considered it

You wouldn’t believe the number of die-hard Torontonians we see coming through our open houses. People are curious. They’re stressed. They’re overstretched. And with Mississauga growing the way it has been (and Toronto real estate as competitive and pricey as it is), it’s only natural for buyers to start weighing all of their options.

4. The activities

Think moving out of the city means living like Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Does Mississauga have quite as many festivals and events as Toronto? No. But that also means you don’t have to worry about planning your weekend around which roads are closed because of the marathon (that I somehow manage to get stuck in EVERY year).

Celebration Square in City Centre may not be Dundas Square, but we hold our own! We hosted Jurassic Park West for the NBA Finals with over 20,000 fans. We have movie nights, concerts, Canada Day and NYE celebrations there. It may be some time before we see events in the city like this again, but when they open up I’m sure they’ll continue to rival Toronto.

And depending on what you’re into, the neighbourhoods by the lake have an amazing sense of community – Port Credit hosts Buskerfest, Jazzfest, carnivals, and a farmers market in the summer.

Which is a great segway into my next point…

5. Tightnit neighbourhoods

Living in various neighbourhoods and cities, it’s interesting to see how starkly different the vibe of the locals can be. It wasn’t uncommon to see residents in Toronto throwing street parties or inviting their neighbours over for a barbeque — and that’s not something you get everywhere, and something you really might miss if you leave the city.

But Mississauga has some amazing neighbourhoods with similar Torontonian friendly vibes. South Mississauga is a favourite in part for this reason: we know, like and trust our neighbours.

6. Transit options

No, you are not doomed to a life of driving if you move out of Toronto. The MiWay bus has stops throughout all of Mississauga, and the Go Train Stations are plentiful (and depending on the location can even get you to Union in under 20 minutes). 

Can you drive more if you want to? Sure. But many neighbourhoods have great transit options, and quite a few are walkable (meaning you don’t need a vehicle for everyday errands). That said, if you do decide to drive your car, another fun thing about Mississauga is the traffic isn’t nearly as bad as the city (and street parking is easier to find).

7. Great schools 

Mississauga is home to some of the top-performing schools in Southern Ontario. We have French schools, French immersion schools, and some top sports programs.

8. Great restaurants

No, moving to Mississauga doesn’t mean only being able to find big-box type stores and chain restaurants. Do we have those? Sure. But we also have amazing mom and pop eateries, eclectic and unique restaurants, and ethnic food to die for throughout the city. I started trying to name all the neighbourhoods with great places to get your chow on, and quickly realized I was basically naming them all. Seriously, come hungry.

9. Quality of life

Moving out of the city might mean purchasing at a lower pricepoint – helloo money in the bank. And hello vacations, and eating out, and not feeling stressed in your day-to-day.

Or moving out of the city might mean buying your forever home today, instead of sacrificing on what you want in the short term – maybe you get that yard for a puppy or that extra bedroom for a baby.

If you’re really thinking about what is the best move to help you achieve your goals, then it may be time to consider all of your options.

10. It’s really not as far as you think

You will not become a social pariah for moving west of the 427. Depending on where in Toronto you want to remain close to, you have tons of options. Wanting to be easily accessible to Union Station? Great, maybe south Mississauga is a good fit for you. Want to be close to High Park because it’s your favourite location in the summer? Maybe we check out Dixie.

The point is, you have options, and you’re really just a short jaunt away. Be honest, how long does it really take you to get from point A to point B in the city?

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