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How’s the Toronto Real Estate Market?

Strong year-over-year growth. Price increases. What’s not love to love?

It’s still a Seller’s market (meaning the Sellers are in control), but it’s not madness everywhere. There are opportunities for Buyers. Yay!

How’s the Mississauga Real Estate Market?

From our Mississauga agent, Nicole Harrington:

Sales are up and new listings are down overall for Mississauga, which seems to be a continuation of what we saw this past August – and we’ve seen this firsthand with our most recent Mississauga listings: properties selling in shorter time frames, in multiples, and in some instances for over asking. The market has definitely picked up pace since this time last year, and based on interest rate trends and the introduction of the First Time Home Buyer Incentive, I don’t believe this is a short term uptick.
Detached and condos are leading the way for sales increases in the 905 (26% and 22%, respectively), with condo apartments and townhouses seeing the largest YoY price increase (9.2% and 6.5%). This makes complete sense when we look at who is buying in the 905: Toronto transplants who are looking for a little more bang for their buck (detached increases), first-time-buyers (condo and townhouse increases), and (of course there always is) those who already know/live/and love the city (overall sales increases).

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