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REALTOR WithdrawalFor months you opened their Property Match emails with excitement (often before you even got out of bed).

You spent countless hours in their car, navigating Toronto’s maze of residential streets and discovering neighbourhoods you didn’t know existed.

They taught you to mouth-breath in the smelly houses, see past the 1980’s wallpaper and sniff a basement for dampness (that mold-detecting dog’s got nothing on you now).

They showed you what an electrical panel looks like and that ‘finishing a basement’ is far more expensive than you think.

They curbed your excitement when you fell in love with a house that was listed at $699 but they knew would sell for $100K more than your budget.

They taught you about compromise. About return on investment. And that sometimes ugly houses and transitional neighbourhoods are the way to go.

They made it feel OK when you lost your first bidding war…they knew ‘YOUR’ house was still out there waiting.

And when they found it for you? They pulled out all the stops to make sure you got it.

But what happens when it all ends? 

It’s called REALTOR withdrawal and it’s normal.

It you worked with one of Toronto’s great agents, they’ll always be there for you when you need a referral to a handyman or plumber or want to discuss that smell in the basement. They’ll help you decide if the renovations you’re considering will add value to your house or just make it more livable. They’ll let you know how much your neighbour sold for…and all the cool stuff going on in your new neighbourhood.

And don’t worry…REALTORS feel withdrawal too. Having the privilege of standing by your side as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life isn’t something we take lightly. We miss you too.



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