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We love our pets here at BREL. So much so that our bi-weekly team meetings are furry friend inclusive. Team updates with a side of adorable pets walking around, can life get much better than this?

If you are a pet owner yourself, you know that taking care of your little creatures can be a full-time job itself.

In our mantra of doing what we love and outsourcing the rest, we’ve dedicated this month’s blog to outsourcing the best TLC this city has to offer in terms of taking care of your beloved pets.

The Basics

Pet Edition

Dog Walking and In-Home Dogsitting

If work has your time tied up throughout the day, have no fear! Services such as BarksNPurrs and Rover have eased this daily duty for you. With user-friendly apps and websites, booking your dog’s walks for the week has never been easier. Even better, if you’re an overprotective dog parent (we’re all guilty) you can view the route and even request pictures to gush over at the office!


We all want our pets to look like they just stepped out of a Pantene Pro V commercial, but, the process can be time-consuming. Let us expedite that process for you. Glamour Dogs is a mobile pet grooming service that promises to set up a clean, stress-free pampering environment from the comfort of your own home! Who needs to trek across the GTA looking for a reliable groomer, when one can come straight to you! 

Day Care

We are all familiar with pet guilt. Knowing that your little furry one is locked up all day while you’re at work, just dying to play. After a long day at the office, sometimes you don’t have enough energy that they desperately need. Paws playground is home to Toronto’s largest doggie playground, featuring splash pool, playsets, jungle gyms, slides, and agility tunnels.

It gets better…Uber Dog is a daycare service and ranch that picks up and drops off your dog (and their west location is BREL-dog Clarence’s favourite spot). The entire process is stress-free!

Next Level



This is not the first time we’ve mentioned pampering on this blog series. Let us take that one step further….a spa day for your DOGS and CATS! Let your little one (or big one) enjoy getting pampered and spoiled. Spaw Boutique is one of Toronto’s top-rated facilities.

Monthly Toy Delivery 

I’m sure you’ve seen the fad of monthly subscription box services. Or maybe you’re even a subscriber yourself. Barkbox, is a monthly box delivered specifically to your pet! They deliver original toys and treats to your doorstep! [Pro tip:  this is THE best day of the month at our house, but it does mean extreme excitement for every single deliver-in-a-box we get.]

If instead, you are owned by a cat, consider Meowbox, a monthly subscription box your cat can ignore and scowl at.

Poop Pickup

Picking up poop is one of our least favourite things to do (right up there with putting up open house signs in the winter. Poop Patrol to the rescue! You can bring them in for a one-time cleanup or sign up regular poop removal.

In-Home Veterinary Services

If your pet hates going to the vet (I’m talking to you, CATS), Toronto has several mobile veterinary services. Check out Animal Housecalls.

Midtown Mobile Veterinary Hospice Services provides in-town geriatric and end-of-life services too.

Pet Photography

Stressed out by the pressure to snap that perfect photo of your pet for Instagram? Enter professional pet photography. A few years ago, we hired Jason Krygier Baum to capture the perfection of all the BREL pets – we still cherish those photos!

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