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It’s summer, it’s hot and let’s face it, you deserve to be lounging outside, soaking in the sun with a beverage in your hand.

In our mantra of doing what you’re good at (in this case, relaxation) and outsourcing the rest, we want to share with you our research into perfecting the ultimate lazy day. 

We get it; you might be saying “but I have important errands to do”, or maybe you’re a type-A personality who simply can’t relax for more than 2 minutes before the next mental to-do list strikes your brain. Have no fear! We have something on this list for everyone that will make your day stress-free!

The Basics (We’re looking at you Type-A’s)

lazy summer day. the BREL team


You’ve got kids. Kids=Laundry. Let us take care of that daily chore for you, getting you one step closer to relaxing in a lawn chair. Simply Laundry is a service that will come pick up your laundry, take it back to their location, wash it, fold it and deliver it back to you! They also have dry cleaning services and will even pick up that bag of donation clothes that’s been sitting around your house for too long. 

Grocery Shopping

Another daily errand is grocery shopping. On a hot, humid summer day, do you really want to be lugging bags in your car? NO! Make this process stress-free by ordering online. Luckily popular chains such as Metro, Walmart and Loblaws have delivery services on their websites. With a click of a few buttons, your pantry is stocked!


Nothing ruins a sunny day more than being inside scrubbing your kitchen counters. Maid In T.O is a website that allows you to book a professional cleaner in 60 seconds. How ideal is that?!

Alcohol Delivery

Enjoy your favourite cocktail in no time! Runner is an app that allows you to order alcohol from the LCBO and Wine Rack and guarantees delivery within 1-2 hours. You will be relaxing in the sun with a drink in your hand in no time.

Next Level 

spa day. the BREL team

Private Chef

Ok, this is the life right here. Take a Chef is a service that will bring a chef to your home to prepare a beautiful meal for you and your family.  They not only buy the ingredients; they cook and also clean up when the meal is done!

Mobile Spa

It’s time to pamper yourself! Spa In allows you to book an esthetician to come to your home. Their services range from nails, massages, facials, body wraps to even makeup and hair cut & styling! 

Personal Fitness Instructors

For some, ultimate relaxation means taking part in their favourite fitness class. My Personal Yoga is a website that allows you to book an instructor to come to lead your daily practice from the comfort of your own home!

Charcuterie Delivery

You have your outdoor spot in the sun, and you have a beverage in your hand. Now, all you need is charcuterie board to pair it with! Cheese Boutique (the official cheese store of BREL) will build a beautiful arrangement of meats and cheeses and have you living your best summer life.

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