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MLS Areas:
Downtown: C1, C8
East: E1, E2, E3
West: W, W2, W3
Midtown/North : C2, C3, C4, C9, C10, C11

How’s the Mississauga Real Estate Market?

From our Mississauga agent, Nicole Harrington:

Overall in the 905 we are seeing sales up, and new listings down – which makes for a great sellers market. We are nowhere near the insanity of 2016/2017, but a more balanced but competitive market seems to be Mississauga’s new norm. Similar trends continuing from the previous months where the lack of inventory has a lot of buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next “hot new property”.
There is a common seasonality for the market so I expect to continue seeing listings down on a month-to-month basis in the city, but will be interesting to see if talks of future mortgage rate cuts have buyers holding out until things pick up again in 2020.

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