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I know you’re dying to read about the announcements, but first…a little background.

In Ontario, every real estate agent who has finished their articling period is licensed to sell both residential and commercial real estate. Which is nice and all, but it’s also really frightening. Commercial real estate is entirely different from residential real estate. From financing to finding the right property to negotiating price to environmental and legal issues to all the potential liabilities, what works in residential real estate does not necessarily work in commercial. It takes a lot of effort (and excellent mentors) to develop the skills to help both residential and commercial clients.

The BREL team has always solidly believed that if we don’t think we’re the best person for the job, we’ll be upfront about it. We’d rather turn away business than take on something we aren’t the very best people for. That means that we haven’t been able to help all the people who’ve approached us with mixed-use, multi-plex and commercial property needs. Well, actually, it means that we’ve referred that business to experts outside of our team. Specifically, our team has been referring people to Matt Shapiro, an agent we’ve known for years, who until now was working at a competing brokerage.

So we’re super pumped to announce today that Matt Shapiro has officially joined the BREL team…and with Matt on board, we can officially say, WE CAN HELP!

Matt’s experience ranges from helping traditional home Buyers and Sellers, to being involved in the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial and investment properties across the GTA. From multi-residential and mixed-use properties to retail, restaurant and even a tattoo parlour, Matt’s been there, done that.

Matt’s passion for real estate is contagious, and it’s obvious that his clients love him. Here’s what one of his Sellers had to say:

Matthew, I know our property was a hard one to sell with the issues we had. During the months our home was listed for sale my family developed a special relationship with you. You went beyond helping us just sell our home, we think of you as a member of our Family. You are a down to earth fellow, your services exceeded my expectations from day one. Your knowledge, honesty and cheerful attitude make you our forever agent. I have already told all my friends about you.

We think that Matt joining the BREL team is Win/Win/Win:

  • Our team can now service commercial clients (the BREL team wins!)
  • Matt will be able to harness the marketing power of the BREL brand and reach the 25,000+ visitors we get to this website every month. (Matt wins!)
  • By adopting the proven BREL processes, buying or selling a home with Matt just got a whole lot easier;not to mention his clients can now access the BREL Client Concierge. (Clients win!)

We couldn’t be any more excited about having Matt on board and launching the BREL Commercial Division. Stay tuned for lots more on that.

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