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Over the years, you’ve come to expect certain things from the BREL team: we’re direct. We don’t BS. We occasionally rant about our industry.

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’re taking our no-BS approach one step further: We’re #gettingREAL…or maybe we’re #gettingREALER?

With the launch of our new website today:

  • We’re #gettingREAL by revealing prices, statistics and agent performance.
  • We’re #gettingREAL by sharing our opinions of the good, the bad and the ugly in Toronto.
  • We’re #gettingREAL by equipping Buyers and Sellers with more information so they can make better decisions.

(We’re also #gettingREAL by saying that we hate hashtags but we’re making an exception today.)


Today we’re very excited to share with you our new website! We’ve given it more than a facelift – we’ve added over 400 pages of new content to create what we believe is the most comprehensive resource for Toronto Buyers and Sellers.

In our new site, you’ll discover:


We have advice for:

  • Buyers: we’ve put together an encyclopedia of tools and custom guides for Toronto Buyers
  • Sellers: brand new tools and guides to help Sellers get top dollar


We’re #gettingREAL about the BREL team too. On our new site, you’ll be able to:


And of course, we’ll continue to feed your real estate addiction with:

  • Our property search tool which lets you search every property for sale (updated every 2 hours)
  • Our blog (we have some all-revealing blog posts coming soon)
  • Our e-mail reports:
    • The BREL Daily Solds Report (because we know you want to know how much stuff really sells for).
    • The weekly HotList (our unscientific pick of all the coolest properties on the market).
    • Our monthly Neighbourhood Reports (stats and trends by neighbourhood)

We’re thrilled to be sharing all the latest real estate intel with you and can’t wait to hear what you think about our new site!


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