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Ever wonder what real estate agents do all week long? Here’s how Brendan and I spent last week:

Mondaynew mel hair

  • Mel: Planned a new marketing campaign; stalked the MLS; wrote 2 blogs; made 5 phone calls, wrote 49 emails.
  • Brendan: Scoped out the competition for an upcoming downtown condo listing; met potential Seller; sent out the Neighbourhood Reports; caught up on paperwork.
  • For Fun: After 15 years, I said goodbye to my blond hair. We prepared to bid adieu to our BMW. Had dinner at the new Copacabana downtown (delicious).


  • Mel: BREL team meeting; launched new Google ad and Facebook campaign; took boring online real estate course; made 5 phone calls, wrote 77 emails.
  • Brendan: BREL team meeting; follow-up stuff for two condo sales last week; took boring online real estate course.
  • Offer Time! We listed this awesome renovation in Corso Italia a little while ago, and a smart Buyer seized the opportunity to get a great house in an up-and-coming neighbourhood without a bidding war. Happiness all around.

Wednesdaynew brel car

  • Mel: Mastermind session (topic: using video in real estate); released our Neighbourhood ROI infographic and celebrated 1,400 hits to our website in one day; made 30 phone calls;  wrote 36 emails.
  • Brendan: Home inspection; offer preparation.
  • Offer time! We listed a 2 bedroom condo in one of my favourite buildings at  Cityplace, and 5 days later, boom! 2 offers. Congrats to all!
  • Fun: Croissants for breakfast with my parents who are in Toronto for 3 days; we get our new car! It’s an Audi Q5 and has rear-heated seats. Our clients will love us.


  • Mel: Met with a new condo Buyer; painfully created the new Toronto Schools Index; stalked the MLS for new listings; made 24 phone calls; wrote 50 emails.
  • Brendan: Termite inspection; post-offer running around; offer preparation.
  • Bidding war! Buyers that we’ve been working with for a few months found an amazing house in the Upper Beach. Like all amazing houses these days, there were multiple offers (4 in this case). Our clients arranged their financing and conducted a home and termite inspection before we presented our offer so we were able to go in with a strong offer and WIN. Well played BREL Buyers!
  • Fun: Lunch with my parents (my mom makes the best homemade ravioli). We missed my nephew’s first theatre performance (where he sings a solo!) – but at least there’s a video. Dinner at Sarah’s in the east end.

FridayBREL bidding war cat

  • Really? Another bidding war? On Friday, we ended up in a 2-person bidding war for an income property in the Upper Beach. We won it – but it’s still conditional on a home inspection so I can’t share the deets yet. But it’s a pretty awesome house on a great street.
  • Mel: Buried in paperwork; celebrated a condo closing; made 10  phone calls; wrote 18 emails.
  • Brendan: Buried in paperwork; listed a condo for lease at 20 Joe Shuster Way.
  • Fun: The boys cleaned our house (yay!); Brendan had a boys night out;  I fell asleep on the couch with the dogs.


  • Brendan: Pre-close visit with some Buyers in the Junction; house showings from East York to Roncesvalles.
  • Mel: Booked home inspection for next week, reviewed 6 hours of video footage for some wicked videos we have coming out in a few weeks; made 14 phone calls; wrote 2 emails.
  • Fun: Fell asleep 20 minutes into a movie

SundayOscar party

  • Brendan: Took new Buyers condo-shopping, took other Buyers house-shopping, prepared to list a condo for lease at 9 Michael Power Place (coming this week!)
  • Melanie: Sent out the Hotlist, prepped for conference Brendan and I are speaking at for the Ontario Real Estate Association this week; calculated the ROI for an investment property a client is considering purchasing; wrote 4 blogs; e-mails and phone calls continue as I write this blog.
  • Fun: Oscar party

So if you ever wonder what we do all day…trust me, we’re busy.

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