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home owner helpBuying a home doesn’t end the day you get your keys to your new home…in fact, the journey is just about to start.

Throughout the years, your new home will undoubtedly through some curve balls your way: you may need an electrician, a plumber, a roofer, a handyman, a kitchen renovator, a heating/cooling guy….You may also need a racoon removal company, a basement flood expert and a myriad of other people who will hopefully show up in unmarked vans.

And then there are the people who make home ownership tolerable on an everyday basis: the cleaners and gardeners who save you from yourself.

One of the best parts of our job in real estate is discovering and staying connected with service providers for home owners. Our clients know that no matter what happens to their home, they can call us, and we usually “Know a Guy”. (Incidentally, we usually ‘Know a Place” too, and have recommendations for brunch, cocktails and special dinners in most of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods too.)

Sure, we can help with stagers, lawyers, lenders and movers…but our relationship with our clients goes much deeper than that. We’re always just a phone call, e-mail or text away…

Do you know a guy we should know? Tell us about him (or her) in the Comments section!

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