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We covered What Buyers are Thinking last week, now it’s time to find out what Ontario Sellers are thinking. Based on the results of an Ontario Real Estate Association survey in June:

  • 77% are worried about the state of the real estate market
  • 61% are concerned with understanding the process and the legal documentation
  • 60% are concerned with fixing up their home to list it
  • 59% are worried about the number on days on the market before their home sells
  • 50% of people with household incomes over $100K are worried about their negotiation skills (that number increases to 62% for people with total incomes of $50K or less)

My Thoughts:

No real surprises in these results forWhat Toronto buyers want. If you’re thinking of selling your home in Toronto and share these concerns, check out these blogs:

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  • There’s more to preparing your home for sale than just fixing stuff.
  • Click here to read about what Days on the Market means
  • If you’re worried about negotiation skills, well, that’s what your realtor is for. Here’s a quick read about the Importance of Strategy in Negotiation


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