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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been silent lately. Sure, we’ve been listing and selling a lot of homes, but we’ve also been fostering a miniature Dachshund named Sophie. Today, I want to dedicate my blog to Sophie.



For years we’ve considering opening our home to rescue animals. Inspired by my friend Lisa’s fostering experience with the Safehome Animal Rescue group, we welcomed Sophie (well technically she was named Effie at the time) into our home. She’d been rescued from a hoarding situation (30+ dogs) and had been quarantined for 30 days at a shelter. She came to us frightened and malnourished, weighing in at just 7 pounds (instead of the 9-11 pounds a full grown miniature Doxie should be). She was petrified of the outdoors, didn’t know how to play and was clearly still waiting to fall in love for the first time.

Enter BREL.

In just a short time, Sophie has blossomed into a truly remarkable dog. She’s a great eater and has gained some weight, she comes when called, fetches toys (and actually returns and lets them go), loves to sun herself on the deck and enjoys chasing our dogs around the house. Dr. Scott at Dundas West Vets has given her a clean bill of health and she’s now ready to meet her new family.

Interested in adopting Sophie? Sophie would do best with someone who is home a lot and doesn’t mind a constant lap companion. She has a clear preference for women (sorry Brendan) and isn’t a fan of kids, but she does love other small dogs. She’s still working on her potty training skills, but she’s shown herself to be a quick learner and a people pleaser. She’s extremely affectionate (her chin rest skills are second-to-none) and loves to give kisses. Sophie’s secret weapon is her breath – but that’ll improve once she starts eating a regular diet. We’ve nicknamed her Miss Bossy Pants (I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to inherit that name from me), but she understands her place in the pack and will quickly flip on her back to communicate that. If you’re interested in adopting Sophie, you can get in touch with the rescue organization directly or email me and I’ll hook you up.

Interested in fostering? This has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Watching Sophie bloom into such a wonderful dog in such a short period of time has been incredible. I won’t deny it’s been an emotional roller coaster ride and I dread the day I’ll have to say goodbye to her, but I know that I can do more good as a foster parent to many dogs than by adopting just one. Our job as foster parents is to prepare her for her new family, not make her part of ours. We’ve taught Sophie to love and be loved, to play and most importantly, we’ve given taught her to be confident. I can’t thank the people at Safe Home Animal Rescue enough for their incredible support.

Want to donate? Rescuing unwanted dogs doesn’t come cheap. The Safehome Animal Rescue is always in need of treats, toys, food, pee pads, collars, leashes and more.




  1. Noreen O'Rinn says:

    Is Sophie still available for adoption? Our home is full of love with room to share. My husband and I work from home. We have two dogs Sophie, a 15 year old American Cocker Spaniel and Harriet, a 10 year old miniature Dachshund. Both girls are quiet and friendly.

    • Melanie Piche says:

      She’s still available! (And in terribly jealous of you-a dachshund and a cocker is my ultimate combo!) I’ll private message you and put you in touch with the rescue organization. Given you already have a Sophie, I think she’d make an excellent Samantha as well. She’s very sophisticated.

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