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Dear Mr Realtor:

Thank you for listing that property on Toronto MLS. The photos you included were oh-so-helpful. For your next listing, may I suggest:


Buy a Camera! I realize that you may have discounted your commission so low that you can’t afford to hire  a professional photographer, but please don’t use your camera phone! Take a class. Learn how to use your camera.




Make the effort. Some people are slobs – we get it. If the Seller (or Tenant) won’t clean for the photos, bring in a cleaner. Or do it yourself. And good luck with the showings.




Think about the shot. I don’t really know how to say this because I thought it was obvious. But photos are supposed to help SELL a property. Surely these can’t be the best features of the place?




Mirrors don’t stop working in photos. Yes, I can see your reflection. And you holding your camera phone. Stop it!





You can ask the dog to move. Or the tenant in the shot. Even if the dog is cute. Or the tenant.





It’s called a wide-angle lens people.  Photos of corners – not helpful. Yes, some rooms in Toronto condos are incredibly small. Deal with it.





Really? No photos? It never fails to shock us how many listings don’t have photos. You can put up 9 photos on MLS. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. And no, stealing the outdoor pic and amenity photos of the  last listing is not OK either.





All the other Realtors, Buyers and Sellers out there.

** All photos are REAL and downloaded from the Toronto MLS during 2011. Seriously!


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