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Here’s some insider scoop you may not know: the Sellers may be watching you in their home!

These days, it’s not uncommon for Sellers to install cameras and record the potential Buyers and agents who see their home. It’s perfectly legal for them to do so (it is, after all, their home) – but it could mean disaster for a Buyer.

So when you’re touring a house, remember:

  • Don’t talk about the price you’d be willing to offer, or how much you think the home is worth
  • Don’t talk about how much you love the home or your plans to tear it down and rebuild
  • Be respectful of the Seller’s home and their belongings – You are in their home, so it’s not OK to laugh at their couch, their china doll collection or the 40 large wedding photos of the Sellers adorning every wall. (Truth: it’s not OK to do this even if you aren’t on camera).
  • Take off your shoes, don’t go snooping through their personal items and leave the home the same way it was when you walked in

I expect to see more Sellers use cameras in the coming years, so brace yourself…Big Daddy’s watching.


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