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I’ve been getting a lot of messages from our readers, wondering what happened with the sale of the house at the heart of the I’m not Anti-Realtor,I’m just anti-douchebag Realtor blog. I love that you all care too! Here’s the latest:

The Sellers got their bidding war – there were at least 3 offers on ‘offer day’. But guess what? The house didn’t sell. Our best guess is that the offers came in around the asking price (or at least not hundreds of thousands over the asking price) and that the Seller turned them all down. I guess he didn’t really want the “market to decide how much it’s worth” after all!

And to that I say:


It’ll be interesting to see if they increase the price again today or if they have other games planned.

And for those of you wondering if I took any action beyond writing this blog…I did try to get hold of the listing agent’s broker, but I guess he doesn’t return calls. Today, I’ll be making my first-ever complaint to the Real Estate Council of Ontario. It’ll probably get really boring from here.

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  1. Mark McLean says:

    Hilarious. I kind of expected something like this. As for the broker who won’t return calls….well that’s one way to handle it, as long as he knows the problem doesn’t go away.

  2. Brendan Thomson says:

    Brought it up at our last office meeting, we are not in the same market conditions but the generral opinion was that it is unfair pricing practices and RECO should be notified. Good luck!

    • You know I’m dying to expose this person and property…but we all know I’d get hit with a bigger lawsuit than any penalty RECO will give them for misleading the public. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word ‘douchebag’….but it was just so accurate!

  3. Peter Pissed says:

    I hear you! SAME deal. Seller desperate to unload property as no offers and no interested party in several months. I put in a fair bid, but seller REFUSES to give a sign back as suddenly there are other offers while mine is still pending!!! BS. Plan to report agents to the Realtor’s board. Seller now demanded full asking price verbally with no sign back still and refused to deal on paper. Fishy business I’d say – or douchbag as you say!

  4. Well,. I have mine on the market for almost 5 months. Yes, it is through that I had major outstanding works to be done. Furnace , shower, and outside of the building.
    It was all caused by the city a year ago when they tore up the streets, and side walks, and they replaced all the services under the streets. They never came to fix the house of the front of it, that they busted with the machines. The vibrations tore of my shower door, and the connections on my furnace got water when the hot water heater tanks busted and the water poured on it and during the winter the pipes corroded.
    So, I, though I could fix them in 6 weeks. In April I listed the building , but , the plummer s were so busy fixing the broken water mains in the city due to the winter blast, they could not get to my house until late July and finish it up.
    But, I, never had any word from the agent I hired. I am selling my building Exclusive. Also, due to the constructions, of the NEW. GO. stations in Hamilton, on James St. N, I lost my tenants. The construction was in 2014, but to my nightmare they returned for 3 more months, from April to July 2015. Nothing but dirt and smoke on the streets. So, now , for 18 months I have no tenants. I think my agent thought that I will settle for any price to sell this building. But, no, this is my principal residence, with a commercial extra and a large renovated apartment as well to be rented. Everything in this building is new. Nothing outstanding.
    I have a months left from my contract that is until Oct.2. 1015. I now reading about MLS , and what not. I would never put a lock on the door, more over I need to rent the spaces and they would not allow any one to do that. Also, I, am not exited to have 50 real estate people to trample through my place to tell me, how much they think my building worth. So, I, think , my agent is not capable to handle the sale of this building. He is with a Toronto real estate agents, but by living here in Hamilton, he can sell. But, he have not brought any actual amounts by writings to me. He mentioned that some one called him about the building but then it just died of. He is at odd with me because I told him I will not renew with him ever after this contract ends. He wanted to put it on MLS. I do not know who would then be paying for the buyers representatives. I do not jump into anything. This Exclusive listing will just will see the term on Oct. 2. and then I will be educations my self.
    I am thankful for this site I have found it is helping me to power up me for the next round when I be putting the place on the market. Definitely , I, will use an agent. To much could go wrong with out a professional person. Thank you for this opportunity ……Maria Rodriguez, Hamilton, Ontario

    • Melanie Piche says:

      You’ve been through so much! I do hope things get better for you. It’s almost always to the Seller’s advantage to put a property on MLS – it’s the only way for it to truly get exposed to the market and bring in the highest price. If no one sees it, no one will be able to buy it! Best of luck with your sale, and if you need a recommendation for a Hamilton agent, email us privately – we know some good ones there and would be happy to recommend them to you!

  5. I had the same experience and because of this, on a market that’s very robust, I had missed 2 opportunities that I did not pursue prior to bid date for this one since that was the property I chose to focus on. After all, I only had enough for the deposit so I can’t have 3 deposits cheques made just in case. Because of this, I am forced to buy some other (more expensive) property since I need to find my place quickly. What recourse do I have from this realtor. I was willing to pay $100k more than the $688k posted price but their expectation was $300K more than listing price!!! Three days later, the price was changed to $938k.

    • Melanie Piche says:

      So sorry to hear you are going through this! Unfortunately, Sellers are playing all kinds of games in this crazy market right now and there isn’t much recourse against the Seller for this kind of thing (they aren’t required by law to accept a listing price).

  6. I purchased a home in 2014, lets just say in Alberta, the realtor told me I did not need an inspection, let alone strongly advise. (yes I know now) but even so, (inspectors can be douche-bag inspectors too, cuz I’ve had those too) But to sum up my realtor experience, I am involved in a huge lawsuit, I am a single mother of 4 living on one income. I cannot live in the house because of the 100 year old deteriorated brick foundation, the extremely dangerous wiring, the disturbed asbestos caused by an infestation of Deer Mice. Leaking basement, caused by a leaking hot tub, that the sellers didn’t disclose. The house insurance has been cancelled by my insurance company due to the high risk, and I was therefore forced to take out a demolition permit to save my ass from litigation, as I may have burned my neighbors house to the ground with mine. So I found this blog and thought my story was fitting. I am now paying rent, and mortgage to complete the lawsuit, sold all my vehicles, riding my bike. Eating very little, (good thing I’m little). I had Mike Holmes inspection services come out to confirm all the findings, he has offered his goodness and kind soul to be a witness, and my lack of faith in professionals has been renewed. As you can see from my story, my faith in the real estate professionals is completely gone to the moon. The only question I have when this is all over, where do I live? I’m thinking a teepee is sounding like my best option.

  7. mike plandowski says:

    Alberta Story!
    The broker/lister blew of my realtor! Passed on no info as would tell me it would be worthwhile to make a 10 hour drive to inspect.

    3 1/2 weeks, latter, making the intended, family xmas trip, I fell in love w. the place for the treed yard, character house, proximity to grandchildren, convenient location, etc.

    2nd realtor, (since the first was bloked by the broker/lister from helping me), …day following initial contact, …gave me only 4 hours to submit offer. Said the low ball, bargain hunter, whose offer came in earlier, and was being considered, …had asked for a weeks financing extension.

    MY offer was cash, and $6,000 more. ….(than the $118, 800 MLS list)

    Was forced to wait another 3 weeks to be told, the house was given away to that buyer, for $6,000 less. Word was passed to me from First National F., who had taken back the mortgage, …was that, ….upon inspection, they/she felt, I would have backed out.

    How juvenlile and amateurish, for a mortgage co employee to blow off best buyer, then insult, by throwing such pap as a stupid, lame reason for rejecting. I know the fair way would have been to go to the next level, and get both us buyers, to (re) submit, our final best, offers, or such facsimile!

    I want some SERIOUS, recourse, and expect the AB Real Estate, merely to blow me off as well.

    I would like to see this sale set aside, but can’t imagine what legal reasoning or tactics as could get me to this point.

    ??????? what do do. I won’t let this matter rest because I feel, I have been, by a mortgage co/seller, and manipulating broker/realtor, ….royally screwed over.

    regards MIke Plandowski

  8. Just noticed a listing in Barrie. House listed at 549,000 – registered offers were to be reviewed yesterday… Today it’s a new listing with a new HIGHER price ($100,000 More) and old listing at lower price still on MLS too!!!! Obviously unfair advertising from the start. Is this even legal???? I feel for those that probably offered above the list price only to be turned down because it wasn’t high enough OVER the advertised price. Even in this market – wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!

    I looked at this house – glad I didn’t enter “the game”….,

  9. We put an offer in for a house in Peterborough ontario. Asking price $599,900. We realize the game everyone is playing now because have been turned down fir not bidding enough over asking. We liked this house so we bidded $750,000. One hundred fifty thousand over asking. The bids closed that day at 3pm. Low and behold we never even got a reply until we called later that day to find out we were the second choice. Then the next day we see the house is sold for $750,100. Boy that was really lucky guess by the winner to outbid us by &100.
    We had no conditions and left the closing date up to them. Now there are a lot of things to consider here. How do you ever win? How did those people know to bid an extra $100. We probably would have bid more than the extra $100. but we’re never given the chance. My wife is heart broken

    • Ugh, sorry to hear. Hopefully, your agent is investigating what happened. Usually, when offers are this close, both parties are given a chance to improve their offer – this isn’t required, but is usually the best approach from the seller’s perspective. Sometimes, sellers are explicit at the outset and ask everyone to come in with their very best offer and everyone knows they won’t get a chance to improve. As far as the rules, agents/sellers aren’t required to give anyone a chance to improve their offers. As you’ve probably learned from this experience, it’s usually a good idea to offer an odd amount (eg 752,000 or $750,800) in order to beat out the people who offer the ‘obvious’ amounts. Hopefully things work out with the next offer you bid on…good luck!

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