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If you’re part of any of our Facebook groups or read our previous  Dear Realtor blog, then you know we have a particular pet peeve about the quality of Toronto MLS photos. So without further ado….the full collection of our favourites:




  1. Priceless photos… it’s like Letterman’s top ten of things not to do when… listing a house. Keep up the good work Mel and B.


  2. LOL.. I am a REALTOR® on the West Coast and I am constantly amazed at how bad some photos on the MLS are by some of my colleagues. I’m constantly surprised the home owners never look at the photos posted for their properties.

    You missed my fav though – the photo of a house from inside a car which catches the car’s side mirror. These are usually taken with a 10 year old phone camera and is somewhat pixelated. LOL.

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