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Looking for the girl next door? Or maybe you are the girl next door? Where you live determines who you meet – in the park, at your local pub and at the grocery store. Here are our picks of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods for singles (and it doesn’t hurt that all three neighbourhoods have some of Toronto’s best condos and lofts.)

King West King West is the destination for stylish singles.  An abundance of chic condos and lofts tucked in behind some of T.O.’s hottest restaurants and nightlife make King West Village one our top neighbourhood picks. The clientele of the Thompson Hotel doesn’t hurt either.

Liberty Village is a mecca for attractive, single professionals (ideally accompanied by small dogs). Recent late-night dining and night life options have turned Liberty Village into a destination for more than just the people who live and work here. William’s Landing and Brazenhead provide plenty of opportunities to mingle with the neighbours. Not to be outdone by the bar scene,  Good Life, King West Fitness and the Metro (yes the grocery store) get top marks for customer hotness.

Queen West and West Queen West  are ideal neighbourhoods for singles, mostly of the hipster and artist-variety. Queen West is home to some of Toronto’s best loft options with plenty of restaurants of the no-reservation/no-credit card variety for first dates. From Ossington bars to live music venues to the dog bowl at Trinity Bellwoods park, opportunities to meet your neighbours are plentiful. Extra points if you’re on a bicycle in Queen West.

If you haven’t visited our Toronto neighbourhood guide pages yet, click on the links above for our picks of the best of each ‘hood, from restaurants to galleries to shopping.



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