The Lowdown on Keelesdale-Eglinton West

Your Typical Neighbour

Your typical neighbour in Keelsdale is older than the average Torontonian, but this is changing as new families are attracted by its relative affordability; today, residents of Keelesdale are a mix of these more recent (often first-time) buyers and long-term original homeowners. Portuguese is the language of choice for many residents, spoken by over 27%! 

What We

Keelesdale has a slower pace of life than many Toronto neighbourhoods. Removed from the core of the city, residents here enjoy a more peaceful and quiet environment than many downtown hoods, with less street traffic and more green space. But this quiet area is still rife with its own kind of life--Keelesdale has a multicultural vibe, with some of the best Portguese and Italian restaurants in the city - and it’s only growing from here.

What We Don't

While a slower pace of life can be ideal for some, some Torontonians love the city because they are close to the action - and while Keelesdale is experiencing growth, you’re a little more removed from some of the draws to city life. As the neighbourhood continues to grow and gentrify, we expect to see this change as well.

Property Statistics in Keelesdale-Eglinton West

All Properties - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

109.6 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Detached Houses - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

109.5 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Condos - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market


% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Source: TREB Statistics

The little known neighbourhood of Keelesdale is starting to pick up steam, as it’s one of the last remaining affordable areas in the city of Toronto. Due to this affordability, we are seeing an influx of would-be-condo-buyers looking for a little more bang for their buck, but still with a Toronto address.

This area is a great mix of old world residents who have lived in their homes for decades, and new families moving in. People moving here are looking for a slower pace than what a downtown neighborhood would typically bring, and Keelesdale delivers with sprawling parks and Creek access. 

Although not typically chosen for its transit connectivity, with the introduction of the new Crosstown Eglinton LRT scheduled for completion in 2022 this area will continue to see price and community growth. Investors and families alike are betting on the area; for many it offers an opportunity to purchase a coveted freehold property that might be unattainable in more expensive neighbourhoods--some just a few blocks away.

Most properties in Keelesdale are detached, making up roughly two-thirds of sales. Semi-detached houses and condos were the next biggest categories, with few townhouses. Most properties selling have 2-3 bedrooms, and at writing are still under the average price for Toronto.

Developers have their eyes on Keelesdale, and with the introduction of the LRT we are likely to see more new condo and condo townhouse developments going in. Can you smell opportunity?


Population: 11,058


Kids: 15%

Youth: 13%

Seniors: 16%

Visible Minority: 42.6%

Average Family Income: $72,958


Lower Education: 32%

Higher Education: 34%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 62%

Tenanted Homes: 38%

Currently residents have access to many bus routes available on Eglinton Street, Keele Street, and Rogers Road. But with the completion of the Keelesdale Station later this year and the completion of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, transit convenience as well as property values will be on the rise. Commuters in Keelesdale-Eglinton West have easy access to highways 401 and 400 via Black Creek Drive. 

About Keelesdale-Eglinton West

Welcome to Toronto’s Keelesdale-Eglinton West neighbourhood!

Living in Keelesdale is like living in a multicultural mecca, and residents from all different backgrounds  bring a ton of culture, along with some amazing eats. 

Restaurants range from your typical mom-and-pop pizzeria to ethnic Portugese/Italian/Spanish eateries. Shopping is limited in this neighbourhood to the smaller strip plazas on the main roads of Keelesdale- but that’s not why you come to this neighbourhood. Known for its proximity to Black Creek and Keelesdale Park; there is a ton of nature for a Toronto ‘hood–almost half of the neighborhood borders on parks or other greenspace.

Not traditionally known for its transit accessibility, Keelesdale will definitely be reaping in benefits from the completion of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT later this year (2022), as the community will have their own station stop. At the time of writing the Keelesdale Station is physically complete but is not yet ready to accept passengers. The Station is scheduled for completion at the end of 2022.

Schools in Keelesdale are currently slightly lower ranking based on EQAO averages, but these rankings can and do change all the time. As the community continues to gentrify, typically we see school scores improve.

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