The Lowdown on Leslieville

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Creative types abound here, alongside a middle working class sensibility that fades the farther north you go. Young professionals and/or families exploring the newer condos and smaller ‘condo alternative’ homes, although prime streets require particularly well-employed parents.

What We

The local retail and particularly the restaurant scene draws us even when we have no other reason to be there. There are plenty of family-friendly streets, with lots of green space - all close to downtown.

What We Don't

Lineups for Sunday brunch at Lady Marmalade and Maha's. Also, despite best efforts of the city, Canada’s largest waste water (read sewage) treatment plant at Ashridges Bay occasionally still lays a thoroughly unpleasant aroma down on the neighbourhood.

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The lower side of Leslieville south of Queen is populated with the oldest of the neighbourhood’s homes most of which were built in the late 1800s to house the local industrial workers. Cottage style homes synonymous with some of the tiniest places in Toronto sit alongside Second Empire row houses and Victorian Semi’s. But it is the relative teeny weeny-ness of some of these homes that lead to the often used “condo alternative” descriptor frequently seen in listings here. They do make an interesting option for a starter home where the buyer can see potential and can stomach the idea of living in a house that is potentially only 12 feet wide on the inside!

As you move north away from Queen street, the housing stock and lots tend to grow larger (with prices to match), eventually transitioning to the large detached homes of Riverdale.

Leslieville is also one of the best areas in Toronto for lofts. A number of live-work spaces have popped up, both industrial conversion and new-build, and there are some VERY cool spaces that come available from time to time. Some of our fav lofts include Church Lofts, Work LoftsWrigley Lofts, and the Garment Factory.  These lofts are  filled with creative types who appreciate something a little different, and in turn, are leaving their own mark on the neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a unique space, there’s a good chance you’d find it here.

Lastly, this area can be a haven for someone looking for a multi-use investment. If you’re a business owner or an investor, mixed-use buildings that pop up from time to time along Gerrard offer residential spaces atop street-front retail. And this neighbourhood isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, so if it’s not YOUR business that requires the space, there’s money on the table!

Area: 10km

Population: 25,640


Kids: 13%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 47.8%

Average Family Income: $75,333


Lower Education: 44.7%

Higher Education: 6.4%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 51%

Tenanted Homes: 49%

The Queen Streetcar is the TTC workhorse that most from the area rely upon to get to the downtown from the east side of the Don River. Big Walkability as well, and convenient access to the Gardiner and DVP via nearby Lakeshore. Though still a long way to go for those planning to plan roots here will benefit from the Relief Line that will connect Yonge-University-Spadina Subway downtown to the Bloor-Danforth Subway at Pape Station with a stop in the heart of Lesliville.

About Leslieville

Welome to Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood!

It’s difficult to sum up what makes the Leslieville neighbourhood so fantastic in only a few paragraphs…but we will try!

Leslieville is east of the Don River, bounded by the Canadian National railway line and Gerrard Street to the north, Empire Avenue to the west, Eastern Avenue to the south, and Coxwell Avenue to the east. Got that? If you’re a little confused, just think of Leslieville as being east of Parliament, North of the Beach(es) and south of Gerrard Street.

With easy access to all the restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes, venues and shops, Leslieville gives you a neighbourhood feel that can’t be beaten. Trees galore, close to Lake Ontario with bike paths, playgrounds, splash pads and off-leash dog areas, this neighbourhood takes family-friendly to a whole new level. The growing condo market has brought a greater mix of people to the area, which was the turning point that took Leslieville from up-and-coming to fully established.

Once a haven for artists and craftspeople, and before that home to boarded-up shops, working-class families, metal and factory workers and mom-and-pop shops, Leslieville has become one of Toronto’s hippest neighbourhoods. Where once stood abandoned buildings and run-down homes now stands destination-worthy restaurants, European-inspired cafes, upscale clothing stores, revitalized factory-turned-loft buildings, yoga and fitness studios. There is still a laid-back vibe here compared to the fast pace of downtown life. But don’t be fooled. Leslievillians take their love of the environment, local food, farmer’s market fare and kale very seriously.

On a typical weekend, you will see running and cycling groups stopping-in at Te Aro, an upscale and hip cafe with car garage doors that open up right to a bustling patio. You’ll witness families walking (many accessorized by strollers), children playing at the Leslieville Farmer’s market, yoga bags hanging gingerly off fit arms – headed to a restorative class at Spirit Loft yoga studio – and hand-holding couples walking sleepily to wait in line for brunch. Nightlife in Leslieville also offers a walkable array of specialty pubs, restaurants and live music. And with everything at your fingertips, it is no surprise that Leslieville continues to thrive as one of Toronto’s most coveted pieces of real estate.

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