The Lowdown on The Beach

Your Typical Neighbour

The area is synonymous with low crime, a wealth of greenspace, and an average income well above the Toronto average. The demand and relatively high cost to purchase here mean your neighbours are very likely professional, dual income and planning or raising a family.

What We

This is as close to the feel of “seaside” living you’re going to get this far from the ocean. Facilities and services are plentiful here and the conveniences and cultural offerings in the neighbourhood are scarcely rivaled anywhere else in the city.

What We Don't

Crowd potential. This is a busy place in the summertime and the frequent events mean frequent road closures, traffic snarls and a lot of food traffic. Between the small-town feel, conveniences on their doorstep, and less-than-convenient transit options to the core, Beaches residents have few reasons to leave their neighbourhood. (This is not really a negative, just a personal preference!)

The Beaches (we’re equal opportunity here on the BREL team) has the look and feel of a seaside resort town. Bordered by Coxwell to the West, Victoria Park to the East, Kingston Road to the North and the lake to the South, there are four lakeside beach areas that locals and otherwise head to in droves all summer long. Blog TO suggests that the four beaches ‘means there’s plenty of room to find a secluded spot’. Head there on a weekend day and we defy you to find said ‘secluded spot’. Make no mistake; this is a popular summertime destination.

It’s an equally popular place to live as well. Toronto Life describes it as “close to Kitsilano as Toronto gets”. We agree. Unfortunately the similarity is as much in the price of admission as it is in the sporty recreational vibe or seaside architecture. The introduction of higher density condo offerings has increased in this area in the last 10 to 15 years, although great efforts have always been made to protect the aesthetic of the storied neighbourhood.

A number of the early-built wood-frame cottages have been modernized and still remain to keep the beachside feel of the neighbourhood. Side streets are lined primarily with Edwardian, large scale Victorian and New-Style homes surrounded by manicured gardens and mature trees, though there are pockets of more recently built townhomes and more accessible low rise condos. Throw in a higher than average ratio of porch swings and you have a small town feel that lingers in the heart of the city. Not surprisingly, high demand and comparatively low turnover lead to near constant bidding wars when homes are offered for sale here!


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $1,004,590 $1,013,894 $1,134,411 $1,306,507 $1,471,473 $1,449,897
PRICE: Low-High $430,000-$2,475,000 $396,000-$5,960,000 $447,000-$5,700,000 $400,000-$4,517,500 $1-$5,100,000 $570,000-$5,400,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 13 12 13 12 13 17
# OF SALES 267 302 314 275 236 230


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $502,561 $468,828 $560,442 $584,317 $702,958 $677,420
PRICE: Low-High $199,000-$1,278,000 $199,000-$1,278,000 $26,000-$1,495,000 $249,000-$1,750,000 $285,000-$1,860,000 $330,900-$2,020,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 23 31 20 23 15 14
# OF SALES 105 16 81 99 93 85

Area: 4km

Population: 21,135


Kids: 17%

Youth: 10%

Seniors: 11%

Visible Minority: 9.4%

Average Family Income: $168,538


Lower Education: 41.3%

Higher Education: 13.2%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 64%

Tenanted Homes: 46%

School offerings in the Beach are plentiful, and the level of family participation is evident in the high performance ratings that many have. This fact is a significant contributor to the popularity of the ‘hood among young families.


Kew Beach Junior Public School
St. John Catholic School
Balmy Beach Community School


Glen Ames Senior Public School

The Queen streetcar is the major offering on the transit front for most of this neighbourhood, and despite being supported by a few other options, it’s usually very busy at peak times. Drivers will appreciate relatively quick access to Lakeshore Blvd, the Gardiner and the Don Valley Parkway.

About The Beach

There are 4 beaches that give Toronto’s ‘The Beaches’ neighbourhood its (very appropriate) name. These beaches include: Woodbine Beach, Cherry Beach, Bluffer’s Beach, and Kew-Balmy Beach. Kew-Balmy Beach is home of The Balmy Beach Club – for all of your racket sport players out there.

 Now, if you’re interest in not peaked by the idea of living in a Toronto neighbourhood that has 4 beaches in your ‘backyard’ then this might not be the neighbourhood for you! However, if you’re like us and appreciate all that living lakeside has to offer then there is no better Toronto area to dwell in than The Beaches.

‘The Beaches’ runs from Coxwell – to Victoria Park, and sits east of Toronto’s downtown core. Its proximity to Toronto’s urban business centre makes it the perfect home for many professionals and families. After all, who wouldn’t want a convenient drive to work coupled with a before dinner (sunset) walk by the lake? It’s almost too good to be true, but we are here to tell you: it exists! And it is all found in The Beaches.

A typical stroll through this neighbourhood and you are greeted with a wide array of lakefront properties (some painted in a fun variety of popsicle colours), townhouses, modern builds, classic brick homes, and whimsical window shutters. Most properties also include dramatic porches, both wrap-around, tiered, front, and layered. After all, when you’re a resident of The Beaches there is nothing better than spending warmer days outside!

A family-oriented neighbourhood, The Beaches is an ideal area to live if you’re someone who appreciates the feeling of living in a small, community-oriented, friendly village, but don’t want to lose big-city offerings. It is a neighbourhood that offers both natural beauty, and modern charms, at your fingertips. Feeling intrigued? Email us and we’ll send you the latest listings in the area. After all, the only way to get to experience something is to ‘dive right in’…

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