The Lowdown on St Lawrence Market

Your Typical Neighbour

Young low income families. Seniors on a fixed income who are enjoying co-operative life in a subsidized housing development. Condo dwelling couples of any age from first time buyers to wealthy luxury down-sizers. Oh, and all these could be speaking one of 35 languages you may or may not understand. Diversity is the name of the game.

What We

Culture and convenience collide here, nestled between some of the city’s most beautiful and historic landmarks. You could shop every day at St Lawrence Market, and if it’s closed there is a 24 hour Metro right across the street. Plus if you like theatre, you’re spoiled for choice.

What We Don't

Traffic down Jarvis to get to the Gardiner at rush hour is extremely painful. The mix of subsidized housing along the Esplanade isn’t for everyone, and some neighbouring condos are old and in rough shape--financially and otherwise.

Property Statistics in St Lawrence Market

Source: TREB Statistics

If you’re looking to purchase a house, the St Lawrence Market is NOT the neighbourhood for you - there really aren’t any to be found in this area. But if convenience and lifestyle are more where your home sense is leaning, you’re destined to find everything you need right here.

One of the greatest things about the condos in this neighbourhood is that there’s something available for everyone. Empty nesters downsizing with ‘seller's market house money’ to spend will gravitate to the neighbourhood, home to some of the largest units available in the downtown core...provided you can stomach the condo fees that some of these older buildings come with. Younger professionals and first-time buyers will benefit from any of the newer builds that have gone (and are continuing to go) up on the Esplanade along the southern edge of the neighbourhood. The more artistically inclined should check out some of the converted century lofts, and those on a budget will still find options along the eastern stretch of the Esplanade, where the mix of public and private housing keeps prices lower.

Whatever your taste, some of the city’s most accomplished architects have contributed to a stunning mixed architectural aesthetic that combines private and non-profit housing, luxury condominiums and a walkable retail offering that is hard to beat. A mixed demographic is thriving here in proud, community-focused harmony. With a lifestyle like this right outside your door, perhaps it’s not surprising that most of the people who live here are happy with their choice!

Area: 8km

Population: 43,365


Kids: 6%

Youth: 11%

Seniors: 7%

Visible Minority: 36.8%

Average Family Income: $110.684


Lower Education: 16.1%

Higher Education: 28.8%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 51%

Tenanted Homes: 49%

There are some really great schools here that have been ingeniously nestled amongst the community buildings. The schools are popular and well respected, and benefit significantly from the mixed uses of the local community.


Market Lane Public School
Downtown Alternative School
Nelson Mandela Park Public School
Ogden Junior Public School


Inglenook Community School


St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
St. Michael Catholic School
Neuchatel Jr College
Keystone School
Liberty Prep School

Walk score 99. Transit score 100. 5 or 10 minutes walk gets you to streetcars, subways, and Union Station with access to planes, trains and… well, you really don’t NEED a car here.

About St Lawrence Market

Welcome to Toronto’s St Lawrence Market neighbourhood!

One of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning is to stroll through the St.Lawrence Market. Coffee in-hand, back-bacon sandwich in the other (sorry in-advance to our vegan friends!) the sampling opportunities are endless and the produce is farm-fresh. Open 6 days a week, the market has become a tourist attraction, go-to local hot-spot, and world-renowned stomping grounds (thank you, National Geographic feature). Today, it is also host to Market Kitchen – a popular cooking school and event space.

A mix of commercial and condominium or loft buildings make the St.Lawrence Market area a neighbourhood for the urban-inclined. Professionals, retirees (with pied-à-terre), city-slickers, artists, and families, all meet in one of Toronto’s most happening cross-sections of downtown Toronto. Ironically, this is a neighbourhood that was once underwater – until city-planners saw a need to create more land space and pushed the waterfront of Lake Ontario back with a massive landfill project in the 1800s. Although originally planned as a walk-friendly esplanade, fully-equipped with scenic waterfront trails, financial investment from Canadian railway companies incited industry investment in local real estate. From this point forward, the St.Lawrence Market’s eclectic urban atmosphere was born. Today, the St.Lawrence Market area remains an understated, chic, European-style, neighbourhood smack-dab in the heart of the city.

Lined with financial towers, speciality shops, restaurants, piano bars, cafes, clothing shops, and furniture design stores – this is an upscale neighbourhood that is rich in enterprise. This, combined with pedestrian-friendly walkways, unique architecture, and proximity to the transit, make the St.Lawrence Market neighbourhood a novelty space for anyone seeking a new home – or home away from home.


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