The Lowdown on Waterfront Communities C8

Your Typical Neighbour

Painting a picture of the “typical” neighbour in such a diverse area is not easy. There are several distinct segments: If you are living on Queens Quay you are either a young single professional, a young married couple with/without a child or a senior enjoying the view of Lake Ontario. As we move north away from the water your typical neighbour could be the same professional couple, a student, or senior living next to you. The neighbourhood has a number of co-op buildings and older condo buildings which add to a robust family atmosphere and comprehensive family community.

What We

The crown jewel for this area is the St. Lawrence Food Market, which was rated the best food market in the world in 2018. Another favourite landmark is the iconic Flatiron Building at Church street--probably the most-photographed spot in all of Toronto. Front street east of Yonge to Sherbourne street has some of the most striking and oldest buildings in Toronto--where Toronto’s humble beginnings began--giving the area an old world charm in a city that largely consists of glass towers. Home to many restaurants and retailers, it’s a very convenient place to live, and perfect for a night out. Here you can take in a show at the Meridian Hall (formerly Hummingbird Centre) and then go for dinner on The Esplanade. David Crombie Park is a vibrant community connector for the area, not to be missed if you are walking towards the Distillery District. There are so many lifestyle qualities in this neighbourhood, it’s hard to find a negative thing to say about it. Even parking doesn’t suck, given the huge garage tucked along the north side of the rail lines and the many towers with level after level of underground spots.

What We Don't

There is so much to love about this area! We can talk about it for hours. The only thing not to love is the staggering amount of condominium construction along the Waterfront, which will continue for some years to come. For us it’s a love/hate relationship; the construction phase produces a lot of noise and dust but when these buildings are finished it will transform this area from a derelict industrial strip into a well-planned out community with an open waterfront and lots of green space for all to enjoy

Property Statistics in Waterfront Communities C8

All Properties - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

101.3 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Detached Houses - Statistics

Q3 2020


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

99.5 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Condos - Statistics

Q4 2021


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

101.6 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Source: TREB Statistics

Condos rule the day in this area. There are a few townhomes but this area is mainly made up of low and high-rise condos. Some of the older condo buildings are at a good price point along The Esplanade, while pre-construction condos along the waterfront on Queens Quay East can be almost double the price per square foot. There are also some tasteful luxury condo buildings in the area (some still pre-construction). All-in-all there is a property for nearly everyone in C08-The Waterfront.


Population: 65,913


Kids: 6%

Youth: 12%

Seniors: 7%

Visible Minority: 44.1%

Average Family Income: $108,199


Lower Education: 12%

Higher Education: 86%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 41%

Tenanted Homes: 59%

About Waterfront Communities C8

The Waterfront Community C08 stretches east from Yonge Street to the Don Valley, and north from Lake Ontario to Front Street. When describing this area it’s best to start at the Waterfront, where we are looking mostly into the (near) future. Originally, this area served as an industrial port entry for Toronto. Redpath Sugar is one of the last remaining port industries in operation; its refinery and familiar chimney have been part of the Toronto waterfront landscape since the late 1950s, when things looked very different. It has taken many years to plan this redevelopment and the plans are significant. 

One Yonge Street will have the tallest condo building in Canada standing 95 storeys tall. The plan is to have three towers (95 to 65 storeys) built on the site of The Toronto Star including two smaller office towers. Next to this project is another development called Sugar Wharf. Eventually, there will be five condo towers ranging from 90 storeys to 65 storeys on this site. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the condo heights there is a balance in the planning. There is an excellent plan for park space in front of these projects and One Yonge Street will have a 50,000 square foot community centre for all to enjoy. 

As we move east along Queens Quay there are a number of other significant projects. Tridel is building the Aqua series of condo buildings. These buildings are much lower in height and some of the buildings will sport fantastic terraces overlooking Lake Ontario. (Note: There is quite the price tag attached to some of these condo units!)

Daniels has built a new arts centre called Artscape Daniels Launchpad. This is where culture meets the waterfront. Launchpad is a creative hub where artists can expand their potential by connecting with other creative minds. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that across the street is Sugar Beach! This is an urban beach at the water’s edge opposite (surprise) the refinery. It’s a great place to get some sun and watch big tankers pull in to the port to drop off raw sugar at Redpath. Next door to Sugar Beach is Corus Quay, home to Corus Entertainment and a campus of George Brown College. Already, this area has changed so much, illustrated by the contrast of the two sides. 

At the base of lower Sherbourne are two parks that connect to the water. Greenland Developments will be building a series of buildings next to the park. All the major builders have a hand in developing this area. 

The last developer we want to mention is Sidewalk Labs. Sidewalk Labs is part of Google’s parent company Alphabet. This proposed project will have multiple residential buildings with office and retail built into a high-tech community. Privacy concerns and data collection is one of the biggest debates around this project. 

We did tell you there is a lot going on! 

Moving north to The Esplanade things quiet down significantly. While there have been new condos built here, historic brick is more the norm. The Esplanade reminds us of “Cheery Old London England” to some degree, with pubs and outdoor patios greeting the street. It’s a great place to live and it’s also a great place to be entertained. Walking east from Yonge Street on The Esplanade you will be greeted by the L Tower condo building. (yes, it does indeed look like the capital letter L!)

Further along are a series of condos, office buildings and a hotel. There is also mixed housing. (One condo building is even just for retired actors and other film industry people!) As we approach Jarvis Street the St. Lawrence Market appears. Continuing east of Jarvis there are a number of older condo buildings along with a mix of co-op buildings; running through the middle is David Crombie Park. The summer months are teeming with local residents enjoying the warm days and nights watching people play basketball and walking their dogs. One condo project to keep an eye on in this area is Time and Space. This will be an excellent addition to the area once it is completed. 

This area is the face of Toronto. All types of ethnicities and levels of wealth live beside each other here in harmony. This is a great part of the city to live in. If you travel a lot, Union Station is a five minute walk away, where the Union-Pearson (UP) Express will get you to Pearson airport in 25 minutes. 

One last thing: you have to visit Berzy Park Dog Fountain! It is not to be missed…unless you are a cat!



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