The Lowdown on Regent Park

Your Typical Neighbour

The recent sweeping changes to the neighbourhood make ‘typical’ the least appropriate word here. New Canadians. Young single parent families. International cultural backgrounds. Young professionals in their first home.

What We

This area is truly in its infancy where real estate values are concerned. The opportunity for longer term return on investment is significant...IF things go as planned.

What We Don't

Growing pains aren’t fun for anyone. There continues to be a constant construction happening here, and it will be a few years yet before the dust literally settles and the neighbourhood grows into its new skin.

Property Statistics in Regent Park

Detached Houses - Statistics


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

0.0 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Condos - Statistics


Average Price


New Listings


Properties Sold


Average Days on Market

101.4 %

% of Asking Price


$ Volume of Sales

Source: TREB Statistics

This Billion-dollar city-driven Regent Park Revitalization project is opening up ownership opportunity on a broader level, as new condo and townhouse construction has been cleverly intermingled with subsidized housing. Condos are attractively priced as the socio-economic intermingling is forced upon the area. Given the project is still in the final stages of completion, there may undervalued opportunities here that deserve exploration...but not without some risk. Rent Park is in some ways a giant experiment, the success or failure of which won’t be clearly evident for some years to come.

What you won’t find here is a healthy stock of actual houses. North of Gerrard (into Cabbagetown) these become more prevalent, and there are handful along the south bordering Shuter, but the mixed-use idea has been fully embraced in the area and the most efficient way to make it work involves the condo and townhome projects that are in various stages of completion in the neighbourhood. Significant consideration has also been given to local business, and most of the buildings that have gone (or will go) up have significant space on the ground floors earmarked for retail opportunity.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $454,667 $627,500 $620,000 $688,200 $783,333 $1,229,363
PRICE: Low-High $380,000-$516,000 $620,000-$635,000 $620,000-$620,000 $500,000-$835,000 $650,000-$990,000 $825,000-$1,600,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 9 38 4 10 65 23
# OF SALES 3 2 1 5 3 8


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVERAGE PRICE $340,040 $368,115 $352,772 $381,159 $487,422 $547,004
PRICE: Low-High $218,000-$605,000 $211,900-$575,900 $3,000-$621,000 $17,900-$865,000 $18,500-$1,025,000 $345,000-$920,000
AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET 36 37 36 27 15 13
# OF SALES 53 65 118 169 190 139

Area: 1km

Population: 10,010


Kids: 20%

Youth: 16%

Seniors: 6%

Visible Minority: 78.8%

Average Family Income: $39,521


Lower Education: 47.2%

Higher Education: 4.4%

Home Ownership

Owned Homes: 11%

Tenanted Homes: 89%

The above average percentage of school age residents equate to school options in both the separate and public school boards, though the separate schools are bit further away.


Regent Park/Duke of York Junior Public School
Nelson Mandela Park Public School


Lord Dufferin Jr. & Sr. Public School

Streetcars on Parliament and Dundas make easy work of getting to a subway, and there’s quick access to the DVP and Gardiner.

About Regent Park

Regent Park is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Toronto. There are more than 60 different first languages spoken here and a cornucopia of backgrounds.At once considered a danger zone in Toronto’s footprint, with higher crime rates, and a whirlwind of subsidized housing, Regent Park has become a sought-after place for the real estate savvy to invest.

Beginning in 2005, a master plan was introduced by the government to redevelop Regent Park into a more mixed-income neighbourhood by investing in renewal of the area’s buildings, architecture, and local offerings.Today, Regent Park’s revitalization can be seen in it’s sparkling recreational facilities, updated buildings, the investment of entrepreneurial local businesses and shops, and an array of local visitors.

Sandwiched in-between Cabbagetown, Queen street, Riverdale and Toronto’s downtown core – Regent Park sits on a prime, and coveted, pocket of Toronto real estate. Investment in the area is only just beginning and perception of the neighbourhood continues to change positively. The collective drive to bring more prosperity and investment from local businesses to the area is palpable.

Although once this city’s largest social housing project, house-hunters looking to get in on the cutting edge of the market can find beautiful condo buildings – such as the PaintBox condos, handsome townhomes, community gardens, convenience, and neighbourliness, in this burgeoning Toronto neighbourhood.

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