— We take our content seriously. This article was written by a real person at BREL.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we give thanks. We send our heartfelt appreciation: 

  • To our dedicated team of agents who work night and day to bring 150% effort to every client and only name files “OfferFinalFinal2” a few times a month.
  • To our full-time staff who go above-and-beyond every day to help our agents and clients and put up with our last-minute changes and non-emergency emergencies with a smile (mostly).
  • To our team’s partners, kids and pets, who give up family dinners and celebrations and tolerate 24/7 texting and phone calls and only sometimes curse our success.
  • To our partners, the mortgage brokers, lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, home service professionals, designers, developers and photographers who work hard to deliver the BREL experience and who take our panicked calls at 6 am on a Monday and 11 pm on a Friday. 
  • To our clients, who trust us with their biggest financial asset; who share their vulnerability at times of change and transition and only sometimes blame us for the state of the market. 
  • To the Real Estate Gods, who’ve given Toronto yet another year of outstanding real estate returns and even balanced out the power between buyers and sellers a bit. Please be kind with the election.
  • To our professional REALTOR colleagues who keep us on our toes and work with us to make real estate magic happen…and only drive us crazy a little bit.   
  • To our parents and friends, thank you for always listening, despite, I’m sure losing interest talking about real estate long ago.  
  • To our mentors who have helped along the way, thank you. We only hope we can pay it forward and provide hope and inspiration to others.
  • To our loyal blog readers: thank you! Writing this blog for 8 years hasn’t been easy but knowing someone is reading it makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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