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Ever wonder what a Realtor’s life is really like? Feb 22, 2012:

6:15 am Dogs need to pee. It’s far too early. Brendan pretends to be sleeping, Mel rescues the dogs.

6:18 am Mel’s First Diet Coke of the day.

6:30 am Research blog and social media topics  for the rest of the week. How did 3 Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn AND a blog seem like a good idea?

7:12 am Client e-mails to tell us he’s decided to put an offer in on the condo we saw last night. 29 e-mails back and forth ensue.Talk ’em up, talk ’em down. Remind client we’re on HIS side. Convince other Realtor we are on hers too.

7:14 am Wake Brendan up. His first coffee of the day.

9:30 am Drop dogs off at the spa to be detailed. Long overdue.

10:00 am Mastermind meeting. Genius flows.

11:00 am Catch up on office gossip. Send some e-mails. Brendan zips over to our listing at 32 Stewart to spend the morning replacing exotic light bulbs.

1:00 pm Brendan re-visits the potential condo our client wants to put an offer in on to take videos of the parking spot and get one more opinion.

1:00 pm Mel justifies a 30 minute nap to make up for the fact that she got up so early this morning.

1:27 pm Busted! Brendan calls to check that Mel is working. She is not.

1:30 pm Write latest blog: Demystifying Commission. Wonder if I’ll get in trouble for writing it.

2:30 pm Check on our awesome cleaners at Condo Fresh who are busy cleaning and helping stage a condo at 10 Yonge that we’ll be listing on Monday.

3:00 pm Brendan works on his hernia lugging 5,000 Just Sold postcards to Canada Post. Mel looks at the invoice and prays that people in King West will actually read their junk mail this week.

5:00 pm Frantically put together paperwork for the offer.  Why are there so many forms to sign? Why do lawyers hate trees?

6:30 pm Meet new Buyer at Starbucks – he has good taste, a good budget and seems like fun (thank God.) Thanks to our Mortgage guru at RBC for the referral!

8:16 pm Late dinner (well, only meal unless you count Diet Coke and coffee) at The County General. Delicious. Run into a friend who wants to talk…real estate of course! She’ll likely be buying and selling soon so no complaints.

9:30 pm Home to let the dogs out. Throw ball a few times in lieu of a walk. Poor dogs. At least they smell good after their detailing.

9:31 pm Crap, forgot that taxes are due soon. Postpone meeting with super-nice person who will be helping us make sense of the piles of receipts.

9:32 pm Catch up on e-mails – did all Buyers just wake up from their winter slumber?

10:30 pm Status meeting in the hot tub. (we do this a lot)

11:11 pm Decide to write a blog about A Day in the Life of a Realtor before going to bed. It might be interesting and funny. Or maybe not.

1:30 pm Brendan wakes up on couch realizing he got 5 minutes into a movie before falling asleep.

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