As first time home buyers, we were very reluctant in getting into the real estate market to find a home. With all the news of the market and its performance, we were very cautious. But Nicole was perfect for us. Her wealth of knowledge and experience helped us make a decision that we were very happy with. The search was a long one, but Nicole was there to help us every step of the way and with infinite patience. She never rushed anything, pressured us, and was always ready to give us time to breathe and think about things. She always gave out sound and practical advice from the physical state of a home, to financial strategies, market education, legal implications and to the little details in the overall search we wouldn’t think of at first glance. She helped us see many angles to looking at a home, that it really strengthened our confidence in finding one we loved. Her attention do detail and her attentiveness to our needs was exemplary, as she always made time to speak and see us when we had any questions or doubts. From selling our old place, to acquiring our new home, Nicole helped us along every step of the way in a clear, concise and very friendly manner. We never had any doubts going with her and we never would of gotten through all this with little to no stress without her tremendous help. We would definitely go back to her if we ever needed to, because she just had our backs through it all! Thank you so much Nicole!

Client Name: Donna C. | Client Type: | Agent(s) Worked With: Nicole